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SummitClimb and SummitTrek, Well Organized Expeditions and Treks

Affordable Climbing and Trekking 6000, 7000, and 8000 metre Peaks in Nepal, Tibet, China, Karakoram, Africa, and South America.

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Friends striving to trek and climb peaks from all nations. Above are some of our team-member's countries. If you don't find yours, we wish to add it soon:

SummitClimb UK : 30 Downfield Lodge, Downfield Road, Clifton, Bristol, BS8 2TQ, ENGLAND , Mobile: +44 (0)7810 375400 (evenings please) , Skype: SummitClimb or SummitTrek

SummitClimb US:Box 1454, Olympia, WA, 98507, USA, Telephone: 360-570-0715 , Skype: SummitClimb or SummitTrek

SummitClimb Nepal : Halchok, Near Armed Plice Force Gate, Kathmandu, Nepal, Tel: +977 9851023985, 9851091456, 01 4283382

To efficiently explore the Himalaya and greater ranges with old and new friends from around the world ~ giving back to the region and encouraging those who appreciate mountains everywhere

Please read about our company, programme, prices and philosophy.  Please scroll down for more information about SummitClimb & SummitTrek

Welcome to our treks and expeditions:

We have just returned from successful treks and expeditions in the Himalaya, Africa, and South America, as well as charity non-profit hospital and educational work, but especially climbs and treks to Ama Dablam, Cho-Oyu, Mustagata, Everest from Nepal, Everest from Tibet, Lhakpa Ri/North Col, Aconcagua, Kilimanjaro/Mt. Kenya and Lhotse. Congratulations to all of our climbers, trekkers, leaders, sherpas, and thanks to all of the families, friends, and sponsors who assisted and provided support. The weather was good, and our leaders and sherpa climbing staff did a fine job.

We welcome individuals and small groups to join us for climbing and trekking. You will find our programmes have something for everyone, from novice to expert. For 17 years, we have organized and led international teams of women and men of all ages, and many of our members return with us year after year. Are you interested in becoming a leader? If so, please visit out our new Leader-In-Training section of our Website. Thank you.

Our long-term philosophy is to provide a top-quality high-altitude mountain climbing and trekking experience at the most efficient cost-level. Some have said these well organized expeditions where affordable, inexpensive, low-budget, even cheap, while traveling responsibly and sustainably through the environments and cultures we visit. We welcome you to join our team!


Our climbing expeditions maximize many years of accumulated wisdom leading trips to the highest mountains on the planet, a strong record of reaching the top of 8000ers: Everest, K2, Kangchenjunga, Lhotse, Makalu, Cho-Oyu, Shishapangma and many other high altitude summits in all safety, along with an intimate knowledge of the officials who regulate the permit system. We have conducted countless 8000, 7000 and 6000 metre peak expeditions, and consider ourselves specialists in identifying, organizing expeditions to, and getting teams safely to the summit and back down. We have been running expeditions for over 17 years and we know all of the bureaucratic officials, liaison officers, yak drivers, and hoteliers/restaurateurs personally in the countries we visit. We must also give credit to our polite and highly experienced, hard-working climbing sherpas, high altitude guides, cooking, and office staff.

The goal of SummitClimb is to lead expeditions stressing 3 goals in the following order:

      1. Safety at all times;

      2. Having fun, being part of a good team, making new friends;

      3. Success in reaching the summit and descending safely.

We encourage men and women from around the world, of all ages, to join us as an individual team member or with your own group , whether that is your spouse, partner, friends, sibling, clients, colleagues, etc. Most of our members join as individuals, our team dynamics work well, and we are able to build successful and safe groups of people that enjoy trekking, climbing, and traveling together. 


Our easy, peaceful and interesting treks around the world maximize many years of accumulated wisdom, a long and proven record of safe and fun trekking through Nepal, Tibet, China, Africa, and many other fascinating destinations around the world. Our friendly guides and trip leaders are experts at leading interesting groups of men and women throughout our trips. In addition, they have an intimate knowledge of the local people, customs and temples and shrines in each picturesque village you stroll through. Many of the excellent individuals who work for us have an intimate knowledge of the beautiful treks they guide and the comfortable villages we will visit, because this is their home region. They live in this land grew up on farms here, have family and friends in the fun areas we will pass through, making our visit less of the usual tourist experience and more involved with the unique and genuine culture of the areas we travel through. They go out of their way to help make your visit remarkable, enjoyable along the way, and create lasting ties with the majestic landscapes and the inhabitants who reside there. These are truly wonderful treks with enthusiastic and polite groups of friends.

We encourage men and women from around the world, of all ages, to join us as an individual team member or with your own group , whether that is your spouse, partner, friends, sibling, clients, colleagues, etc. Most of our members join as individuals, our team dynamics work well, and we are able to build successful and safe groups of people that enjoy trekking, climbing, and traveling together. back to top

What does the price include?

  • FULL SERVICE EXPEDITIONS include nearly every imaginable service, western leaders, sherpas, etc..
  • Our FULL SERVICE expeditions and treks include:
  • A highly qualified British, European, Australian, and/or American leader; climbing sherpas for the group;
  • 3 hot meals per day on the mountain, on trek, and in basecamp;
  • Trek and base camp cooks and food;
  • ALL permit fees, including the summit fee and trek fees, liaison officers;
  • Hotels, guest-houses and restaurants in route (but not in Kathmandu, Kashgar, Nairobi or Mendoza, a minimal expense);
  • Transport: bus, jeep, porters, yaks, camels, internal flights for Everest-Nepal, Ama-Dablam, Lhotse, Everest Basecamp Nepal Trek and Service Trek;
  • Use of group gear and supplies: rope, ice, snow, and rock gear;
  • Trek, base, and altitude tents;
  • Cookers, fuel, walkie-talkie radios, gamow bag, medical oxygen, first-aid kits, etcetera;
  • Our prices include porters and yaks/camels on trek.
  • You will not be required to carry a heavy rucksack while trekking.

Privacy: In addition to our normal trekking and high-altitude tents, we now provide an individual tent (1 tent per person) in basecamp for most of our Himalayan climbing expeditions.

Note about "Full-Service":

Our full-service expeditions and treks employ porters and yaks to carry all of your personal equipment to and from basecamp, climbing sherpas, high-altitude porters, and medical oxygen (in basecamp), and Gamow bags.
You will not need to trek with a heavy pack.
Porters and yaks will carry all of your personal equipment to and from basecamp. Above basecamp, our climbing Sherpas assist the team as a whole, and carry group equipment and supplies.

We DO NOT ask you to carry heavy group equipment (although it is an option if you really want to), such as tents, rope, gas, etcetera.
For a minimal expense, we can also provide personal sherpas, porters, and climbing oxygen, to individual members who wish to use these services. back to top

BASIC CLIMBS feature the lowest prices available with minimal service. We offer discounts for groups (2+), returning members, combining trips, and cash bonus for sending new members (tell your friends).

Our "BASIC CLIMBS" run "in tandem" with our full-service climbs.

No one from our company goes on your BASIC climb, although our leaders climb with you constantly on our FULL-SERVICE climbs.
You "do-it-yourself", but our leaders and staff  with ropes and camps are in the area, and we encourage you to coordinate with our full service team.

Basic climbs include (in most cases): Round-trip return transport from starting point to basecamp and back, hotels and guest-houses and meals in route, permit, liaison officer, and access to team medical supplies, medical kits, gamow bag, and medical oxygen. Access to team fixed ropes and camps (sites, not tents), coordinated with our own "full-service" climbing team.

Other necessary services and supplies (ie: extra yaks, trek services, basecamp meals, high altitude services and equipment), may be purchased and hired at minimal expense. We offer basic climb "packages" as noted in the specific cost page for each trip, or, we can furnish individual items such as tents, stoves, gas, food, etcetera. For example, you may wish to purchase "basecamp services" or "high altitude services" or we can provide separate basecamp tents, cooks, meals, tables and chairs, climbing sherpas, high-altitude tents, food, and cookers, oxygen, western guides, and any other items you might require.
NOTE: Our Basic climb is open to groups of two or more. We welcome you to join the basic-climb as an individual and hire a climbing sherpa or join our full-service programme. Our full service climbs are open to members joining as individuals and groups of two or more. back to top

Why are the prices of these trips so low?

Our prices reflect our honesty, integrity, efficiency, and emphasis on providing a safe, high quality expedition for a fair price, as our company was founded 17 years ago by climbers for climbers, and we still have some of the original founders with us and strive to maintain these priorities. In addition, we have very long experience and deep connections with the mountaineering authorities in Nepal and Tibet, and we are fortunate to receive favourable prices and better treatment. Even though our prices are less, our approach reflects the best possible value for money and emphasizes effective team building within our own expedition, as well as good relations with everyone on the mountain.

We are dedicated to a philosophy of encouraging mountaineering by keeping costs to a minimum and welcome team members who are willing to share in achieving our objectives. All of our European, British, or US staff and leaders began their Himalayan climbing careers as paying team members. Thus, we never charge more for a trip than we would be willing to pay ourselves. We have excellent relations with the government authorities who regulate the world of mountain climbing permits, liaison officers, yak drivers, etcetera.

Additionally, our staff of more than 23 Sherpas are very long term, loyal, hard-working, and honest employees. We take good care of our staff and their families, and they work for a fair wage in return for steady employment. We help our Sherpa's families in many ways, and have been building schools and hospitals in their villages, and helping to protect their local environments for several years. Our agents and local on-the-ground operators are long term employees and they provide services at a competitive cost, in return for fair compensation and our return business, year-after-year.

This is neither a luxury nor a 5-star expedition. Our equipment and methods are basic, simple, and proven over more than 50 Himalayan expeditions. We re-use our equipment and re-hire our staff over many expeditions. Our food is well prepared, abundant, and nutritious, but we do not use expensive imported foods. We neither print nor post expensive brochures. back to top

Our trips do not include:

Hotels and meals in Kathmandu, Kashgar, Nairobi, or Mendoza (a small expense), international flights (we help you find an inexpensive flight), personal clothing and equipment (sleeping bag, boots, ice axe, etc.), personal climbing oxygen, visas (we help you get your visa), vaccinations (please consult with your doctor), health, travel and rescue insurance (we help you find inexpensive and comprehensive insurance, and if not available in your country, we help you to write an "authorization letter"), personal snack-energy food (power-bars, chocolate bars, best brought from your home), gratuities (tips), drinks on the road or in town, expenses of a personal nature, and personal changes to the pre-planned itinerary. Not included are unexpected expenses, such as those due to emergencies, accidents, rescues, weather, itinerary changes, political situations, crime, transport delays, etc. This is not an exhaustive list. We don't mean to scare you with the above, we are just trying to make sure you are fully informed. back to top

Training Note for climbing expeditions:

Upon arrival in Kathmandu, (Kashgar for Mustagh Ata, Nairobi for Africa, and Mendoza for Aconcagua), and basecamp, all climbing members (whether "Full-Service" or "Basic-Climb" members), are kindly requested to participate in one or two days of training in the areas of climbing techniques, rope fixing, ascending, descending, safety techniques, rappels (abseils), belaying, medical equipment and procedures, communications equipment, camping techniques and high-altitude cooking. For the expert and beginner alike, it is important to review these techniques in order to develop skills and to work together as a team.

Communications Note:

Our full-service climbing expeditions are equipped with "walkie-talkie" radios, and a satellite telephone for international voice telephone calls. The members wishing to use the telephone will contribute $4 per minute of use. Throughout the expedition and treks, we update websites with "dispatches" reporting the progress of our team, so your family, friends, sponsors, and colleagues can stay informed about your daily progress, by going to the expedition or trek website. Please visit the NEWS section of our site to see examples of previous website coverage of our expeditions, in our recent news.

Safety statement:

Climbing and trekking are dangerous. You could become injured, ill, disabled, or even die. A peak may be referred to as "easy", "moderate", "climbable", "semi-technical", "accessible", "classic", etcetera, but intensive training, preparation, skill development, and experience are necessary before tackling one of these giants. If you are unsure about what is involved, and wish to hone and develop mountain skills, we encourage you to attend our Glacier School. back to top

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