Baruntse and Mera Peak Climb and Trek Expedition Recent News Autumn

Baruntse and Mera Peak Climb and Trek Expedition Recent News Autumn

Baruntse and Mera Peak: Team Summits!
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All 10 members and 6 Sherpas from our Mera Peak and Baruntse Team Just Summited! The weather was fanatastic! Congratulations to everyone and many thanks to the leader, all of the members, Sherpas, staff, and everyone who worked so hard to make this expedition a success. A special thanks to the family members, colleagues, and friends for their support.

Jangbu and Salima on the top of Baruntse. Photo Ms. Salima Shafi baruntse summit ridge

Team summit at baruntse. On the ridge of Baruntse. Photo Jangbu Near Baruntse Summit. Photo Jangbu On the way to baruntse summit. Photo Salima

Mera Peak Summit.

 Summit seen from Mera high camp. Chetra la.

Just 10 minutes away from summit. Photo Nick. sherpa taking selfie at the top
Summit seen from Camp 2. What a view from camp 2. Photo Stuart
  • 5 Nov - After a trek down the sunny slopes of Amphu Labtsa, we rounded the shores of lovely Island Peak Lake, and walked through newly incoming clouds between the Island River and Island Glacier, all of the way to Chukkung Village at 4700 m. We are staying in sunrise lodge, which has beds with sheets, hot showers, yummy food, delicious, friendly service and pretty good wifi. A luxurious end to an amazing day of trekking and mountaineering!
  • Crossing sunny 5800m amphu labtsa pass now. It separates baruntse from everest. Technical: ropes and mt eqp needed, + xtra care 4 porters
  • Simon Bon Aniversaire Happy Birthday! We are in high camp packing to head for summit now.

Summit Baruntse Jangbu, Dan Mazur, Martin and Jacqueline pn saturday November 2nd. 1st highkamp Baruntse - a windy place on the Westcol -  we stayed there two nights because of the storm. Photo Jaqueline

6800m on baruntse summit ridge. Members rested in bc. Hot showers, big meals. 2morow c1 ! Makalu seen from top Lake near Baruntse mountain

Irina and Jangbu at summit. Irina and Nick at Summit. Photo Irina

Simon and Jacqueline on the summit of Mera Peak 21th of October. Photo Jacqueline Summit of Mera Peak. Photo Jangbu

4 Nov - sunny walk through panch pokhari 5 lakes basin with picture perfect mt + lake views to amphu labtsa bc @ 6454m. Crossing pass 2morrow

Crossing amphu lapcha. Photo Salima

Crossing amphu lapcha. Photo Salima

  • 3 Nov - Succesful SummitClimb Baruntse team back at base. Hot showers, more food, relaxing in hot sun. All 8 members and 6 Sherpas Congratulations! 2 Nov -Now back in high camp. Everyone summited. Excellent weather great views!
  • We r on baruntse summit now. 7154m. All 8 members and 6 sherpas.Cold windy beautiful viewsSimon Bon Aniversaire Happy Birthday! We are in high camp packing to head for summit now.
  • 1 Nov - All 8 SummitClimb members and 6 Sherpas are now in Baruntse C2 @ 6407 m. Sunny no wind. Flaming orange views of mighty Ama Dablam!.

Below second summit. Above camp 2. Photo simon

  • Now back in high camp. Everyone summited. Excellent weather great views!
  • We r on baruntse summit now. 7154m. All 8 members and 6 sherpas.Cold windy beautiful views
  • Simon Bon Aniversaire Happy Birthday! We are in high camp packing to head for summit now.
  • 1 Nov - All 8 SummitClimb members and 6 Sherpas are now in Baruntse C2 @ 6407 m. Sunny no wind. Flaming orange views of mighty Ama Dablam!.

Camp 1

31 Oct - high winds pin us down on west col in camp 1. We are all safe and warm here with lots of food and fuel. Awaiting better weather.

Between second top and summit. On the way to summit from baruntse. Photo Simon

30 Oct - 100% of our SummitClimb members + sherpas climbed the west col to C1 at 6100m. Its warm, cloudy, light wind, no snow. Rope team reached 7...

Above camp 2 just below second top just below second summit above camp 2 Photo Simon

28 Oct - Sunny. All team extensive ice training on glacier. Sherpa rope fixing team went to C1. One member descended for thicker air. Miss U!

Baruntse basecamp. Photo Salima

  • sunny rest day Baruntse basecamp. Sherpas held a ceremony - puja. Stu, Theo, Jangbu, Karma arrived. Now we are 9 members + 7 Sherpa. 
  • We walked to beautiful 5440m Baruntse bc in warm sunsine by Everest. our bc is well setup with solo tents, dining, shower, kitchen, toilet.
  • 25 Oct - We are in Setho Pokhari at 5000 metres. A snow and windstorm has enveloped us. We are safe and warm inside a teahouse. Tomorow base...

Before Mera Peak Basecamp, members having fun taking photos and enjoying views. Photo Joachim

Mera-La and Khote. Photo Joachim

Mera Peak Summit from Mera High Camp. Photo Joachim

  • Amazing walk through Nepal's most beautiful valley. Thriling views of mts Chamlang, Hungu Nup, Everest, Lhotse, Nuptse. Breathtak...
  • Congratulations Janos and Joachim on summit of Mera Peak. Simon and Pemba we miss u very much!


Basecamp Baruntse - the whole group summitted on Nov. 2nd - a nice goodbye from our basic for almost a week. Photo Jaqueline

  • Descent from Mera high camp to lovely Kongma Dingma trek camp 4700m. 1st day in rarely visited gorgeous Barun National Park.
  • Whole team summitted, thanks to strong support by Sherpas.
  • All 9 members and 5 sherpas just summited magnificent mera peak, 6474m. We had superb views from top, even with a bit of wind, cloud,snow
  • 22 Oct - Helo from windless mera pk hi camp @ 5800m. Alls well, healthy members, strong sherpas, sunny skies. Summit 2nite. Wish us luck p...
  •  21 Oct - We had a leisurely morning with a nice 9 am breakfast. We checked all members gear, harnesses, boots, crampons, etc. We set up fixed ropes on slopes above Kare. Then we practiced our climbing techniques, including ascending fixed lines, passing anchors, abseiling/rapelling with figure 8, doing arm and body abseils/rappels. Then we walked several hundred metres above Kare. After that we returned to Kare for a big dinner an early night. Excited for tomorrows climb!
  • The team trekked up to Khare at 4,900m in light snow. Dan arrived and encouraged everyone to warm up and hydrate with Teng Ba.
  • We walked from Tagnag to Khare at 4900m in light snow flurries with no wind. It was perfect hiking weather, not too cold. We had beautiful views of Mera, Kusum Kanguru, and many others. Everyone is feeling well, eating an drinking lots and sleeping well. We are staying in Snowland Lodge, it is a wonderful place with super friendly hosts, Tenji, Rita, and their lovely daughter Tschering Momo!

Tagnag at 4500 metres/14,800 feet during our rest day. Joachim

Bar hopping at Khare 4,900M / 17,080 foot last night. Camp topday. Photo Irina

Before reaching Mera La. Photo Joachim

19 Oct - The team arrived in Tagnak after a beautiful trek of 8 kilometers through the Hinku valley.

The team in front of Mera peak. Photo Irina. On the way to Tagnag at Dukpukurgencholing Gompa. Photo Joachim

18 Oct - today we walked from Chetra to Kote through alpine tundra, down through pine forests to Taktor where we had lunch amongst the big trees. We walked down to the Hinku River and then along the river through beautiful forests to the lovely, grassy village of Kote where we had hot showers and pie and cake and a delicious dinner.

Chetra to Kote through alpine tundra. Photo Joachim

Exploring the Khothey shrine. Photo Joachim

17 Oct -

  • We had an enjoyable trek from the pass down grassy slopes to chetra village. Fantastic clear weather every morning with light clouds in a...
  • We are inside sunny beautiful chetra la pass at 4600m. This is the 1st of 3 major passes we cross. All members feeling healthy and fit.

Nick, Irina and Simon with Cho Oyu begind. Chetra pass. Photo Irina K.

Dan Mazur at 4600 M / 16,100 foot. Irina, Nick, Selina, Jaqueline, Simon at 4600 M / 16,100 foot. Photo Irina Korsak

This morning at c. 4050 M./ 14,175 foot. View from 4300 metre./ 15,050 foot. One of the pass. Photo Simon R.

Chetra pass 4600 metres / 16,100 foot. Photo Simon R

Mera Peak on the top left hand corner. Photo Simon R. First view on Merapeak. Photo Photo Jacqueline

Going into Merapeak Region : Salima, Janus and Jacqueline. Photo Jacquelin

View from Chatra La this morning. Photo Simon R.Gymnastics on the pass to Khote - Irina

Simon is getting a kada when leaving lamalodge. Photo Jacqueline

16 Oct - Just received news. Baruntse 1st team headed for Mera summit tonight. Good luck! Whereas Baruntse 2nd Team had lovely walk through sunny autumn foliage beneath spectacular chetra peaks. We are acclimatising in karkiteng village at 4000m.

15 Oct -

  • Today we reached tukding at 3350 metres. Beautiful jungle at the base of the chetra mountains. Excellent weather! Everyone well.
  • Our team woke up to lovely warm sunshine in Lukla. We ate a delicious breakfast and lunch, packed our things, and are now enroute to TukDing. We are acclimatizing in preparation to cross the amazing Chetra-La Pass. The first of three gorgeous passes we will cross during this expedition. All team members are doing well and the weather is currently amazing: warm, sunny, no rain, no snow, not much wind. Wish us luck!

Jokiyo at Lukla. Lukla Stree

 Members at Namaste Lodge lukla. Porter ready for his load

Namaste lodge

14 Oct - Second Team left hotel at 1 A.M to Ramechap to catch lukla flight. We all reached Lukla safely. Now taking rest at Lukla. Whereas First team is at Khare all is well with them.

Summit Climb team for Ama Dablam and Baruntse. Lukla Airport.

Hiking towards to Khare. Photo Joachim

13 Oct - Busy few days in Kathmandu with the members buying last minute supplies, equipment & getting to know each other, tomorrow driving to Ramchhap and fly to Lukla. Hope all is well.

Team roster of Baruntse are busy hiring and buying climbing equipment at Kathmandu trekking Shop. Photo Don.

10 Nov - tipping of the staff is going on. Here is a photo of Mote Pasang Sherpa receiving his generous tip from the Baruntse members. He was a very helpful member of the Sherpa team!

Tipping of the porters continues. Budhimna Tamang receives his generous tip from the Baruntse members fro a job very well done ! Chetten Sherpa gets his tip given to porters by generous Baruntse members. Thanks!!! Phurba Sherpa got his porter tip from the Baruntse expedition members for doing an excellent job!! Tipping of the Baruntse porters by generous expedition members is going on. Kambo Tamang recieves his tip in thanks for a very good job!

Baruntse Team:

  • Dan Mazur USA / UK (Leader)
  • Charles C., Australian
  • Etienne C., Australian
  • Louis C., Australian
  • Jacqueline D., Nederland
  • Martin M., Switzerland
  • Nicholas H., Australian
  • Simon R., Francais
  • Salima S. USA
  • Simon H., New Zealand
  • Theodore K., Australian
  • Stuart M., Australian
  • Irina K., Russian

Mera Peak Team:

  • Janos R., Finland
  • Joachim A, Belgium

Climbing Sherpa

  • Jangbu Sherpa
  • Chhonga Karma Sherpa
  • Lakpa Tendu Sherpa
  • Gyalje Sherpa
  • Karma Gyalje Sherpa
  • Ang Dorjee Sherpa
  • WangChu Sherpa