Nepal Opens! How to have fun and test yourself at altitude in just 4 Weeks? 7000m, 23,000 ft peaks

Nepal Opens! How to have fun and test yourself at altitude in just 4 Weeks? 7000m, 23,000 ft peaks

Nepal opens 1 September. 12 time Everest leader Dan Mazur invites you to climb and trek with him and friends and Sherpas. Can you join this Autumn for fun, easy, challenging, and exciting big and small peaks and paths in Everest Region?


  • October: Baruntse and Mera Trek Peak.
  • November: Ama Dablam, Everest Base Camp Trek, Island Trekking Peak.
  • December: Christmas Base Camp Trek with Optional Island Peak on 19 December - 3 January.
  • December, January, and February: Aconcagua.
  • April: All of our Spring Everest Summit and Training Expeditions and Base Camp Treks are going forward as planned.

All Covid-19 W.H.O. precautions carefully followed!

Many people say that achieving the 7000 m / 23,000 ft mark is a sure test of high altitude performance. And its also a lot of fun!

How To Choose the Best Climb. Altitude, Difficulty, Time, Cost.

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Today's newsletter is all about 7,000 metre / 23,000 foot high peaks, less expensive and quicker than 8,000 metre peaks.

Last week's newsletter featured 8,000 metre peaks. Next week we are highlighting the 6,000 metre "trekking peaks", and after that, the famous "base camp treks".Our 7,000 metre expeditions feature expert British, American, and European leaders, helpful Sherpas, quality climbing gear, safety equipment, and delicious food. We do lots of training on cliffs and glaciers around basecamp before making the ascent.

7000m peaks are cheaper and faster because oxygen is not used during the climb (but is carried as an emergency precaution), not as much fixed rope, fewer high camps, and not as many rest days are needed.


Baruntse : October: Nepal's Easiest 7000 metre Peak. Excellent for Novices and Advanced Mountaineers also. Three Peaks for the Price of One. Gorgeous Remote Grand Circle Traverse Near Everest. Easy but big snow climb in a remote area of Nepal near Everest. Includes a warm-up training climb on 6000 metre Mera Trekking Peak. After more rope training on glaciers near base camp, climb the snowy ridges to Baruntse summit, cross over the famous high Amphu Labtsa pass to finish our grand-circle traverse in the beautiful and famous Khumbu Valley with celebratory chocolate cake and cappuccino! Leader Dan Mazur has climbed it 5 times with strong Sherpas and safety ropes.

Ama Dablam : November: Asia's Most Famous, Rock, Snow and Mixed Climb. Matterhorn of the Himalaya. High quality easy rock climbing on good granite with excellent fixed ropes. Climbing grade is mostly rock "scrambling". Only one pitch is 12 m / 40 ft of UIAA French 4, British Severe, USA 5.6, Aus 14. Superb views of Everest. The upper mountain has mixed snow climbing. We do rock and rope training on fun cliffs at grassy warm basecamp with no glacier and no icefall. Very quick and beautiful green trek in through Sherpa villages. Leader Dan Mazur has summited 5 times with expert Sherpas and well fixed lines.

Aconcagua : December, January, and February: One of the famous 7-Summits. The highest peak in the Southern Hemisphere. Walking on gravel trails to the summit, where there is very little snow. This is the world's easiest, fastest 7,000m, 23,000 ft peak.

Everest Training Climb Nepal: April: Train in base camp and learn about climbing Everest by ascending to Camp 3 on the Lhotse face. An excellent opportunity to climb with the expedition teams and learn all about high altitude Everest expeditions, glacier travel and ice climbing. Stunning trek to basecamp. Expert leader Dan Mazur has led 12 Everest expeditions with the best Sherpas.

Everest Training Climb Tibet: in April: Explore exotic rarely visited Tibet. Drive to base camp. Walk to advanced base camp (ABC). Train on Glaciers in ABC. Climb up to the North Col. See the most amazing views of Everest. Test yourself at altitude. Expert leader Dan Mazur has led 12 Everest expeditions with top notch Sherpas.

 Very easy 6000 metre peaks with a small taste of high altitude and beautiful trekking. In a short time for the least money.

Mera Peak : Remote wild trekking. Easy snow hiking. Best views of Everest from anywhere in Nepal.

Island Peak : Classic trek to world famous Everest base camp, capped with an exciting one-day ascent of Nepal's most famous trekking peak.

Lobuche Peak : Less crowded trek peak with fine views of Everest from the top.

Everest Base Camp Trek and Remote Nepal Service Trek

Everest Nepal Base Camp: Follow the footsteps of Sir Edmund Hillary and Sherpa Tenzing to the world's most famous base camp. A classic short trek at a nice price with lovely teahouses.

Service Trek Our least expensive, shortest trek. Help Poor Sherpa Families In Remote Nepal. Deliver needed medicines, books, health care, education. Proceeds go directly to village hospitals, schools you visit.

**Read down for important information about upcoming trips.** : September. 38 days in Nepal. Full Service Cost: $14,150 £11,250 €12,450; Basic Climb Cost: $9,150 £7,250 €8,050. World's eighth highest & most accessible 8000 metre peak in Nepal. High altitude "easy" snow climb. - November. 29 Days in Nepal. Full Service: $6150, £4,850, €5,350. Base Camp Only: $3,650, £2,850, €3,250. Asia's most famous rock, snow, and ice climb. The Matterhorn of the Himalaya is technical, but climbable. : October . 34 days Baruntse & Mera OR 29 days Baruntse only. Full Service Baruntse & Mera: $9,150 £7,250 €8,050. OR Full Service Baruntse Only: $8,150 £6,450 €7,150. At 7,129 metres, Baruntse lies in the heart of the Himalayan giants of Nepal and has a higher summit success rate than comparable peaks. . 22 days in October-November . Full Service: $3,850, £2,950 €3,350. Perfect introduction to high altitude and famous high "Trekking Peak" located in a remote, unspoiled part of Nepal near Everest. - 18 days in October - November or April, May in Nepal OR 5 day option. Full Service:  $3450, £2,650 €3,050. 2020. 5 day option: $1850. Learn high altitude mountain skills and climb a 6000 metre peak with great views of Everest. - October - November or April, May. 22 days in Nepal. OR 5 Day Option. Full Service: $3,450 £2,650 €3,050. 5 day option: $1850. Inexpensive beautiful mountain climb in just 1 day. Perfect for novices. Fun for experienced climbers too. - October - November or April, May. 17 Days in Nepal. Full Service:$2,150, £1,650, €1,850. Trek to world' s most famous basecamp. Enjoy a beautiful walk to Everest with our friendly team. - November or June. 13 Days in Nepal. Flexible dates on offer: Go when you like! Price - Donation: $1,850 £1,450 €1,650 . Trek to visit remote health clinics, schools, culture and environmental projects.

Winter Climbs and Trek and (optional - easy) . 17 days in Dec - Jan. Go to Everest during a less crowded time of year. Celebrate Christmas in the Sherpa capital of Namche Bazaar and bring in the New Year in GorakShep, which is the closest village to Mount Everest. Full Service Cost:$2,150, £1,650, €1,850 Walk to the top of the highest peak in all of the Americas. One of the famous "7 Summits" (non-technical). Climbing Aconcagua may qualify you for Everest Nepal, Everest Tibet, or Cho Oyu. 26 Dec. 2019 to 11 Jan. 2020 or 18 Jan to 03 Feb or 7-23 Feb . Full Service Cost; $4,850 , £3,850, € 4,250. Basic cost $2,850

Its not too early to book in for Everest and all of the other cool peaks we are climbing and trekking in 2021. - April-May. 60 days in Nepal. Full Service: $38,450, £30,550, €33,850; Basic Climb: $19,450. Route first climbed by Hillary and Tenzing. Classic climb with the best weather. Leader Dan Mazur - April- May. 60 days in Tibet & Nepal. Full Service: $41,700, £32,350, €37,850; Basic Climb Cost: $32,000. Less crowded than Nepal, with better views. - Everest's sister peak, with a much shorter summit day. Full Service Cost: $16,150, £12,850, €14,150; Basic Climb: $9,150. Leader Dan Mazur . - Learn everything you need to know and test yourself at high altitude in a short amount of time for a very low price. Do well and transfer to the SummitClimb at no extra cost.  April or May. 28 days in Tibet. Full Service: $13,150, £10,250, €11,950. Less expensive, more remote, less crowded than Nepal. Test yourself at high altitude going to camp 1 at 7000 metres/23,000 feet. Made famous in 1924 by Mallory and Irvine. - Learn everything you need to know and test yourself at high altitude in a short amount of time for a very low price. Do well and transfer to the SummitClimb at no extra cost. April or May. 31 days in Nepal. 16 day option available: Full Service: $10,150, £8,050, €8,950. Sixteen day option: $8,150. Ideal preparation for high altitude. Go to camp 3 at 7000 metres/23,000 feet. : Explore Medieval Tibet, A rare trek to the highest base camp in the world. The best views of Everest. Better than Nepal.  Full Service Cost: $8,150, £6,250, €7,355. April, 21 Days in Tibet & Nepal.

Karakoram K2 Summer Climbing and Trekking Trips: Safe-Fun Expert Leader Dan Mazur and Nepali Sherpas

Gasherbrum 1 OR 2 climb : 45 days in June - July 2021. G2: easiest of the world's fourteen highest 8000 metre peaks. There is no better preparation for Everest. Gasherbrum summiter Dan Mazur leading + super strong Nepal Sherpas: Full service : $15,150, £12,050 €13,350 for Basic Price - $11,150 . We visit Karakoram each summer.

Gasherbrum 1 AND 2 climb in combination. June-July 2021 with Dan Mazur, leading 3rd G1-G2 expedition and experienced Nepalese Sherpas: $21,185, £16,750, €19,750 for both. WHAT A COMBO SAVINGS!!

K2 Full Service during June, July 2021: Last year's team summited! $43,550, £34,650, €38,250 full service. $14,850 basic .World's 2nd highest and a very tough challenge. Trip includes personal Sherpas, oxygen, everything. DAN MAZUR HAS LED 3 SUCCESFUL K2 EXPEDITIONS, PLACING THE FIRST LIVING BRITONS AND FIRST AMERICANS ON THE SUMMIT!

K2 Basecamp Trek : June and July 2021. This world famous trek is very safe, uncrowded, and much more scenic than Everest Base Camp. Dan Mazur leads this exciting remote trek on the worlds largest glacier system. Our 2019 trek was fabulous. Price includes optional trek over Gondogoro La Pass. $5150 , £3,850, €4,550 for full service.

Broad Peak Summit.Seven members on the summit in 2019! Leader Dan Mazur is a Broad Peak Expert and our Nepalese Sherpas are ready to help you every step of the way. Best Preparation for Everest or K2. June, July 2021, August. 52 Days.Full Service$15,150 £12,050 €13,350;Basic Climb Cost: $11,150, £8,850 €9,750

Everest Training Climb on Gasherbrum 2 : June, July 2021. Learn everything you need to know. Do well and transfer to the SummitClimb at no extra cost. Climb to 7,000 metres and learn the skills necessary to reach the summit of Everest, K2 or one of the 14 highest peaks. Taught by Dan Mazur and Expert Nepalese Sherpas. June, July. 34 days. Full Service Cost: $11,150, £8,850, €9,850

Pastore Peak: June, July 2021. Stunning "Trekking Peak" Near K2 and Broad Peak Base Camp. Just 4 days added to the K2 Basecamp Trek. .Full Service Cost: $6,450, £4,850, €5,750. Friendly leader Dan Mazur and Expert Nepalese Sherpas teach everything you need to know.


Not only do we have the best British, European. and American leaders and local Sherpas, we also use excellent hotels and equipment, our cooks prepare delicious food, and we offer very competitive prices.

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