Summit Everest 24 May! Join Team: Uncrowded Climb in Sept, Ama Dablam in Nov, Trekking Peaks + EBC

Summit Everest 24 May! Join Team: Uncrowded Climb in Sept, Ama Dablam in Nov, Trekking Peaks + EBC

Our Team Just Summited Everest on 24 May ! You Are Invited For September Everest SummitClimb, November Ama Dablam, Island Peak, Lobuche, Everest Glacier School, Everest Base Camp Trek

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All Trips Going Forward 100% As Planned. Full Refund and Transfer Options 100% Guaranteed! EXPERIENCE NEPAL AS NEVER BEFORE: DURING 2021 NEPAL IS UNCROWDED. PRICES ARE AT THEIR LOWEST IN YEARS!

* This is 12 time Everest leader Dan Mazur writing you from snowy Everest basecamp. Internet is working well here!

* 4 days ago, our team of men and women of all ages and abilities reached the summit of our world’s highest peak together with our powerful friendly Sherpa team. You can read more at: Everest News!

* Now we are planning our September Everest expedition. Come Join Us, Avoid the Crowds, and Summit the Highest!

*  In November, I invite you for our Ama Dablam exciting and very do-able climb of Asia’s most famous rock, snow and ice mountain. Experienced Friendly Team!

* More November action: short and sweet fun AFFORDABLE trekking peaks of Lobuche, Island Peak, and the Everest Glacier School. Also, come along for the support: Everest Base Camp Trek.

* Are you into charity and non-profit: Remote Nepal Service Trek.

* I will be leading all of these trips. Come and join me and our nice group of friends and fine Sherpas!

* Covid-19 Update. The virus has had minimal effect on the Everest region. Our team has been up here for 2 months with no problem.

* In Kathmandu (Ktm), situation is improving. We only spend one day in Ktm, so we are ok. NO QUARANTINE WAS REQUIRED FOR US THIS SPRING. AUTUMN WILL BE THE SAME. For local Ktm people, there is a shortage of vaccines and medical oxygen. Get Involved!! Assist Nepal’s "Helping Hands Hospital" to buy an oxygen refilling machine and save lives:



Everest SummitClimb Expedition: 20 August – 20 October

Route first climbed by Hillary and Tenzing. Classic climb with NO TRAFFIC JAMS. We do extensive training and technique review on this trip, on the ice seracs and towers near basecamp.

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November is the sunniest season in Nepal for accessible and enjoyable 7000 metre , 23,000 foot summits. Are you into moderately technical but very climb-able rock-ice mixed climbs, or are you a snow peak lover? Looking for a bit more challenge or the easy fun quick snow hikes? Join our friendly accomplished team for high-altitude climbing at a reasonable cost.

Ama Dablam Climb

1-28 November. Nepal's most famous rock, snow, and ice climb. The Matterhorn of the Himalaya is moderately technical, but very climbable on good fixed ropes.

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5 time Ama Dablam summiter Dan Mazur and our excellent Sherpa team will conduct training and review all of the necessary skills on cliffs near basecamp. We offer full service, basecamp only, and basic options. GOOD PRICES.

Looking for a quick taste of amazing snow climbing during Nepal's best weather? Try a "Trekking Peak" in November: 6000 metres / 20,000 feet of fun and adventure! Island Peak, Lobuche Peak, and the Everest Glacier School. Mix and Match and Combine These Climbs With One Another and Also With Ama Dablam: Economical!

Lobuche Peak Everest Glacier School - 1-18 november, also 5 day option(may be combined with island peak and/or Ama Dablam: (dates can be extended). Learn high altitude mountain skills and climb a 6000 metre peak with great views of Everest. Pristine Nepal.

Island Peak - 1-22 November, also 5 day option (may be combined with Lobuche peak and/or Ama Dablam: (dates can be extended). Inexpensive beautiful mountain climb in just 1 day. Perfect for novices. Fun for experienced climbers too. Nepal's Original Trekking Peak!

Are you a trekker? Follow Hillary and Tenzing’s footsteps to world’s most famous Everest Base Camp Trek. Do you prefer charity non-profit volunteering? Remote Nepal Service Trek!


Everest Nepal BaseCamp Walk - 1-17 November (dates can be extended) . Trek to world' s most famous basecamp. Enjoy a beautiful walk to Everest with our friendly team.

Service Trek - 1-9 December  - Trek to visit remote health clinics, schools, culture and environmental projects. Live with Sherpa families and help.

Christmas Trek and (optional - easy) Island Peak Climb. Dec - Jan, 2021, 2022. Go to Everest during a less crowded time of year. Celebrate Christmas in the Sherpa capital of Namche Bazaar and bring in the New Year in Gorak Shep, which is the closest village to Mount Everest. Climb easy fun Island Peak in just one day. 17 days.

AconcaguaSummitClimb Dec-Jan-Feb. 2021 and 2022. Walk to the top of the highest peak in all of the Americas. One of the famous "7 Summits" (non-technical). Climbing Aconcagua can qualify you for Everest. 17 Days. We have a very experienced friendly guiding team

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Not only do we have the best British, European. and American leaders and Highly Trained Friendly Nepalese Sherpas, we also use excellent hotels and equipment, our cooks prepare delicious food, and we pride ourselves on offering very competitive prices.

VISA UPDATE: Our skillful office will NOW arrange your trekking permit and climbing permit and obtain your Nepal visa for you. Our office staff are visa and permit experts.

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I look forward to answering your questions, hearing your ideas,, meeting, and climbing to the summit together with you. Welcome to our team! - Dan Mazur Telephone UK: +44 (0)7810 375400 | (Telephone USA) +1 360-570-0715 | | Skype: dan.mazur8848 | WhatsApp / SMS / Text Messaging: +13602503407 ,