What's the fastest way to prepare for climbing Everest, K2, and 8000 metre peaks?

What's the fastest way to prepare for climbing Everest, K2, and 8000 metre peaks?

What's the fastest way to prepare for climbing Everest, K2, and 8000 metre peaks?

Dear Mountain friend, We hope you are well and looking forward to getting back to the mountains.

Previously you expressed an interest in climbing a 7000m peak, and we are delighted to inform you that China is opening up again for foreign visitors in July. So it seems we can return to the Himalaya. Please read down for China's famous easy peak of Mustagata.

Also, we have 7000 and 8000 metre climbs now opening for September, October, November, and beyond! Please check below to see the offerings!

Our Mustagata climb is going ahead as planned and we have places in the team this July. We have chosen to climb the peak in July, a time when the snow conditions are good, the mountain is not too "melted-out", and the route is relatively pristine and clean. It’s a great chance to climb the world's easiest 7546 metre peak this summer and see how you do at altitude. Also a fabulous opportunity for skiing, boarding, snowshoeing/snow raquetting.

Please see this brief overview of the main expedition details:

MOUNT MUSTAGATA EXPEDITION. 9 July – 30 July 2020 or 23 July – 13 August 2020. Just 22 days! World’s highest mountain which can be skiied, boarded, or snowshoed. An easy peak for confident skiers, snowboarders, or snowshoers/racquetters to enjoy. 24,000 feet / 7500 meters. SELECTED BY NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC "BEST ADVENTURE DESTINATION". Friendly leader Julian Bierman: snow safety expert, professional ski - snowshoe instructor. Climbing Mustagata qualifies you for Everest.

Full Service Cost: $7,250 £5,550 €6400 ; Basic Climb Cost: $2,670, £2,150, €2,350. www.MustagataClimb.com

Please note that these prices and dates are for joining us in Kashgar. You can join 3 days earlier in Bishkek if you wish but the cost is $675 extra for transport and hotels.

Our full service expedition includes;

British, American, or European leader/coordinator

  • British, American, or European leader/coordinator
  • Expert Sherpa from Nepal
  • Transportation and equipment carriage from Kashgar to base camp and back
  • Three meals each day
  • Permit fees and liaison officers
  • Group emergency equipment and satellite phone
  • Private tents in basecamp (no sharing
  • Full base camp with dinning tent, showers, bathroom, and solar charger
  • Double occupancy tents above base camp
  • Two meals in Kashgar
  • Airport/Train station Transfer

Watch this amazing video of Mustagata


This amazing video of Mustagata displays the true beauty of the mountain and the true excitement of previous team members when reaching the summit.

Also, we have some gorgeous pictures taken by previous team members which you can view in our gallery here; Click Here

MOUNT ELBRUS is the highest and easiest snow peak in Europe (18,600 feet) and one of the ""7-Summits"". See how you feel at high altitude in a short time at an affordable price. A very easy beginner snow walk.


Stay in huts, ride ski lifts and snow cats and enjoy a short summit day. Friendly leader who is a qualified mountain guide. Equipment and clothing available for hire/rent.

Normal Route dates: 1 August – 9 August 2020, 15 August – 22 August 2020, 5 September – 12 September 2020. 12 June – 20 June 2021, 10 July – 18 July 2021, 31 July – 8 August 2021, 14 August – 22 August 2021. Normal Route Full Service Cost: $3,300 £2,650, €2,850.
Please contact us NOW to book your flight and receive your visa invitation letter. www.ElbrusSummitClimb.com

Please read down for our other exciting 7000 and 8000 metre offerings in September, October, November, and 2021. In case it is of interest, skiing and boarding are also possible on Mt Manaslu and Mera Peak.

MOUNT MANASLU: Nepal's ‘easiest’ 8000 metre / 26,000 foot high peak. 44 days 24 August to 6 Oct, 2020 & 2021.

100% summited in 2019! Led by SummitClimb's Dan Mazur, 3 times Manaslu leader, and an excellent teacher, for an exciting and beautiful climb of the world's 8th highest mountain. The mountain's long ridges and valley glaciers offer very easy snow climbing, and it culminates in a peak that features an easy non-technical summit with beautiful views of Annapurna. The name Manaslu is derived from the Sanskrit word 'Manasa' and means 'Mountain of the Spirit'. Our sherpas are extremely experienced, our food is delicious and our tents and equipment are among the best. Climbing Manaslu is excellent preparation and qualifies you for Everest from Tibet, Everest from Nepal and Lhotse. Full Service Cost: $14,150 £11,250 €12,450; Basic Climb Cost: $9,150 £7,250 €8,050. FULL SERVICE PRICE INCLUDES FREE HOTELS, TRANSPORT, PERMITS, MEALS, EQUIPMENT, TENTS, ROPES, RADIOS, COOKERS, FOOD, EVERYTHING. www.ManasluClimb.com (Prices fixed in $USD. £GBP and €EUR prices converted subject to change at time of payment)

MERA TREKKING PEAK EXPEDITION. Best views of Everest from this easy remote Nepal 6500 metre/21,000 foot trekking peak. 1-21 October 2020 & 2021. 21 days in October.

www.MeraPeakClimb.com . Friendly Leader Dan Mazur teaches you everything you need to know about walking and easy climbing on snow. Perfect introduction to high altitude. Full Service Cost: $3,850, £2,950 €3,350. PRICE INCLUDES EVERYTHING FOR THE CLIMB AND WALK: EXPERIENCED BRITISH, AMERICAN, AND EUROPEAN LEADERS, HELPFUL EXPERT SHERPAS, FREE HOTELS, AND FREE INTERNAL FLIGHTS.
Please also read the news page www.MeraPeakNews.com OPTIONAL: For those who are especially keen, you may wish to bring your skiis or snowboard (please watch the video on the news page).

MOUNT BARUNTSE EXPEDITION. Three exotic peaks in one trip near Everest. Nepal's "easiest" 7,000 metre / 23,000 foot peak. For novices and experts. 1 - 31 October 2020 & 2021 (31 Days).

Full Service Cost: $9,150 £7,250 €8,050. (Baruntse and Mera). Exciting and remote trek and climb through a rarely visited part of Nepal, yet within a stone's throw of Everest. Join leader Dan Mazur, who will teach you everything you need to know. The Baruntse Expedition really is a "grand circle" exploration through the Everest Himalaya, and climbs famous easy Mera 'trekking-peak', then Baruntse, then crosses the amazing 'Amphu-Labtsa' pass, which is like another summit itself.

www.BaruntseExpedition.com . For the proficient climber we offer a new option to climb Baruntse only 5 October to 31 October (27 days Baruntse only). Full Service cost: $8,150 £6,450 €7,150. PRICE INCLUDES EVERYTHING FOR THE CLIMB AND THE WALK: EXPERIENCED BRITISH, AMERICAN, AND EUROPEAN LEADERS, HELPFUL EXPERT SHERPAS, FREE HOTELS, AND FREE INTERNAL FLIGHTS. Climbing Baruntse qualifies you for Everest, Cho Oyu, Lhotse, and Shishapangma. www.BaruntseNews.com

AMA DABLAM; November 2020 & 2021, www.ExpeditionAmaDablam.com Asia's most famous rock, ice, and snow peak, Matterhorn of the Himalaya with leader Dan Mazur (5 times Ama Dablam summiter) and strong Sherpa team


Flexible date option also available, with the option to begin and end the trip anytime between 1 November and 15 December.

Located just 15 km / 10 miles from Everest. Among the most photographed peaks in the world. Everything for the novice to the expert climber. Beautiful rock is solid granite "scrambling". Basecamp is located in a lovely grassy meadow. The hardest pitch is 12 metres / 40 feet of French class 4, British Severe, or North American 5.7. You will be following, not leading, on secure fixed ropes. Test yourself to 7000 metres / 23,000 feet. Friendly leaders, good teachers, technically accomplished. Before and during the expedition, leader Dan and the Sherpas will check your equipment, and train together with you, reviewing all needed skills on small easy cliffs around the warm and sunny basecamp.

Climbing Ama Dablam qualifies you for Everest, Gasherbrum, Manaslu, Lhotse, Cho Oyu, and K2. View the latest news at: www.AmaDablamNews.com

ACONCAGUA CLIMBS TAKING PLACE IN December, January or February

AconcaguaSummitClimb.com . 28 December 2020 to 13 January 2021, 04 January 2021 – 20 January 2021 or 1 February 2021 – 17 February 2021. Full service price $4,850, £3,950, € 4,350. Basic cost $3,650, £2,950, € 3,250

MOUNT ACONCAGUA CLIMBS TO THE HIGHEST PEAK IN ALL OF THE AMERICAS and a famous Seven Summit. Spend time in Argentina climbing a very easy and very high mountain. 6980 metres / 23,000 feet high and excellent preparation for Everest. Patient, friendly leader teaches everything you need to know. Please see recent news: www.AconcaguaSummitClimbNews.com

EVEREST TRAINING CLIMB CAMP 3 NEPAL. Test yourself at altitude with patient instruction with leader Dan Mazur.

Dan has led 12 successful Everest expeditions. Autumn: 20 August to 19 September 2020 & 2021. Autumn Full Service Cost: $19,450, £16,850 €18,000. Sixteen day option : $17,450, £15,100, €16,150 . Spring: 6 April to 6 May 2021 or 20 April to 20 May 2021 . Spring Full service option; $10,150, £8,050, €8,950. Sixteen day option : $8,150, £6,450, €7,150.

Learn all of the skills you need to climb Everest during the 31 day (or streamlined 16 day option) www.EverestNepalTrainingClimb.com We trek into basecamp, learn many glacier rope skills while acclimatizing slowly and cautiously through the Khumbu icefall and Western Cwm, then carefully move our way up the mountain all the way to camp 3 at 7300 metres / 23,000 feet. Many members will choose to go back home at this point, but some will choose to continue to the summit and if you are feeling well, take the option to join the www.EverestNepalClimb.com PRICE INCLUDES EVERYTHING FOR THE CLIMB AND THE WALK TO BASECAMP: EXPERIENCED BRITISH, AMERICAN, AND EUROPEAN LEADERS, HELPFUL EXPERT SHERPAS, FREE HOTELS, AND FREE INTERNAL FLIGHTS.

EVEREST TIBET TRAINING CLIMB NORTH-COL: World's easiest 7000 metre/ 23,000 foot high peak located on the shoulder of Everest. 6 to 30 April 2021.

Learn everything you need to know to climb Everest in 25 days. Located in exotic Tibet. A great way to see how you feel at altitude in a short amount of time. The trek on the Tibet side is shorter, as much of the approach is done by car. Led by David O'Brien and Dan Mazur (Dan has led 12 successful Everest expeditions),David is a very experienced and friendly leader who teaches you everything you need to know. If you feel well on the April trip, you can transition to Everest or Cho Oyu.

Full Service Cost: $13,150, £10,250, €11,950 www.EverestTrainingClimbTibet.com. PRICE INCLUDES EVERYTHING FOR THE CLIMB AND THE WALK TO BASECAMP: EXPERIENCED BRITISH, AMERICAN, AND EUROPEAN LEADERS, HELPFUL EXPERT SHERPAS AND FREE HOTELS. Add on an ascent of Mount Lhakpa-Ri for $5850

Please let me know if you have any further questions or concerns. Our trips fill up so quickly so please reserve your place by submitting your along with a refundable 10% deposit as soon as possible. Also please note that we offer excellent group discount plus cash commission on referrals, so please invite all of your friends and make this an expedition to remember!


Not only do we have the best British, European. and American leaders and local Sherpas, we also use excellent hotels and equipment, our cooks prepare delicious food, and we offer very competitive prices.

It isn't as complicated as you might think to reach your desired goal. Join our teams of men + women of all ages+ abilities. Please ask many questions. We help you every step of the way:

A. We offer Excellent Customer Service and are here to answer questions. We love to chat about Mountains, Our Favourite Subject!

B. Equipment Consulting (we check and help you buy / rent all your gear affordably):
Kathmandu equipment prices .

C. Inexpensive plane tickets are available and we help you find those cheap flights.

D. Interested in becoming a leader, or already one? Please check out the amazing discounts and free hotels at LeaderInTraining.com and DiscountsForGuides.com

E. Need help financing your expedition? We can take credit cards for 100% of your payment !

F. Check these discounts: 5% groups of 2-3, 10% groups of 3-4, 15% groups of 5+, returning members 5%, medical practitioners 5%, photographers + journalists 5%. TELL YOUR FRIENDS, EARN A CASH BONUS! Explore our generous referral fees, finder's fees, travel agent commissions.
On the summit of Mera Peak. Everest, Lhotse, Baruntse, Island Peak and Cho Oyu in the background.

I look forward to answering your questions, hearing your ideas,, meeting, and climbing to the summit together with you. Welcome to our team! - Dan Mazur
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