Ready? 60 days till Ama Dablam Climb, Lobuche Peak, Everest Trek

Ready? 60 days till Ama Dablam Climb, Lobuche Peak, Everest Trek

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Today is the 60 day DEADLINE for joining our Ama Dablam climbing expedition, Lobuche warm-up climb on a trekking peak, Everest Base Camp Trek, and Remote Nepal Volunteer Service Trek.


Greetings to you from quiet Nepal and the spectacular Mount Everest National Park. My name is Dan Mazur, 12 time successful Everest and 5 time successful Ama Dablam and Lobuche leader.

I am from Bristol, England and Olympia, Washington, and I'm known for leading many successful Himalayan climbs, treks, and numerous rescues of climbers who needed help up high. The SummitClimb team and I are always ready to help!!

We are now surrounded by Icy peaks jutting high above green grassy meadows, rivers rushing forth from massive glaciers, grazing yak bells tinkle in the breeze, carrying the smell of delicious fresh roasted potatoes with yak cheese from local lodges we call "teahouses".

tea house

Today I am with our SummitClimb team of amazing Sherpas and strong Western leaders. We are in the Everest neighborhood, amongst tall Mount Ama Dablam, modest snowy Lobuche Peak and gorgeous green paths and villages on the trail to our world's most famous Everest Base Camp.

We are here now in the Everest region preparing, packing, checking out route conditions for the upcoming November climbing season, when the weather here will be most perfect and truly beckoning. Our kind, friendly team of British, European, and American leaders are good communicators (a key to successful expeditions) and excellent climbing teachers, along with our amazing friendly, hardworking, technically accomplished Sherpas.

I wish you were here with us now and welcome you to join me and our friendly loyal team beginning in late October early November. Ama Dablam, Lobuche Peak, and Everest Base Camp are nearly full. IN FACT TODAY IS THE 60 DAY DEADLINE FOR REGISTRATION.

Bring on our fun groups of men and women of all ages and abilities, uncrowded November trails, the warm sunny, clear days and cool nights, the routes and camps on the mountains are calm, with no traffic jams, in perfect condition for trekking up to Base Camp, ascending the lovely peaks of Ama Dablam and Mount Lobuche. the best climbing and trekking season, uncrowded with perfect weather, dedicated Sherpas and the route in great condition.

ama dablam

There are no queues of visitors in November the best month of the year for climbing Ama Dablam, most famous yet climbable rock, snow and mixed peak in all of Asia. This is a moderate climb, all done on expertly fixed ropes, with only 10 metres / 35 feet / and just two moves of Grade North American 5.5, European 4th class, British Severe. Matterhorn of the Himalaya, with easy good rock and mixed snow and ice.

Experience Lobuche trekking peak, a nice short easy snow climb warm up intro to Himalayan Mountaineering.

We check all member gear carefully in Kathmandu (KTM) and help you buy or rent whatever you need affordably in KTM's more than 200 trekking and climbing shops.

All of our British, American, European, and Sherpa leaders love to teach climbing and we do lots of climbing training practice on small cliffs and glaciers around the basecamp, so all of our members are on the same page about climbing techniques.

We love trekking, and in fact, while myself and our Sherpa team have been working our way up the AmaDablam – Everest valley this week, we have been enjoying the beautiful teahouses and hotels, renewing our acquaintances with all of the porters and yaks around here. It has been a spectacular time to trek to Everest Base Camp.

EBC trek is always highly recommended: follow in the footsteps of Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay Sherpa, exploring tiny picturesque villages below giant Himalayan peaks to the world’s most famous basecamp!!



Ama Dablam

Dates : Lobuche Peak + Ama Dablam Expedition : 26 October to 22 November 2023

Ama Dablam: 1 to 28 November 2023

Lobuche Peak

Date 26 October to 12 November

Everest Base Camp Trek

Date 1 November to 17 November

Remote Nepal Service Volunteer Trek

Date : 17 to 25 November and 1 to 9 December 2023

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