Everest Cancelled: Sherpa Emergency Fund.

Everest Cancelled: Sherpa Emergency Fund.


Message from Mount Everest Foundation: "All of the Sherpas lost their jobs this year, due to the closure of Everest.
We are requesting compassionate people like you to give what you can. Any amount will help, no amount is too large or too small. Even $20 would be useful in purchasing food. If each Sherpa could have an emergency amount of $300, it would be a very big help in buying food, paying medical bills, paying their room rent, and even go towards their kid's school fees. This is a short term situation; when the climbing season opens, the Sherpas will be back to work and back on their feet financially. Your small contribution will help them to survive until then.
Thank you very much for making your donation!"

Please Watch Video: Sherpa Emergency Fund – Everest 2020 was cancelled. It’s becoming hard to buy food now. Sherpa Emergency Fund .

 Watch Short Sherpa Family Video - Sherpas Need Help! Please send donation = RECEIVE FREE AMAZON GIFT CARD. No Job = Hungry Families, No Medical Care. Please Donate At: www.SherpaEmergencyFund.org .

Everest Climb Video by Steward Edge

Sherpa Helping member to cross Ladder in Khumbu Ice Fall. Fixing fixed rope. 


Mitch Lewis has written an exciting and colourful children’s book about Everest. Buy it for the kid in your life who wants to read about Everest and help the Sherpas at the same time (proceeds go to Sherpa Emergency Fund). Order the book here: Your Personal Everest Books.  Use code: SHERPA21 and receive a special book discount !