Winter Climbing School

Winter Climbing School

News of our recent expedition: Winter Climbing School
8 of us spent a week doing the . It was very fun. Everyone met at the leader's house and some people slept on couches and floors, while others got a local motel room. After a delicious team breakfast, we spent a day checking our individaul and group gear and went to local mountain shops to rent or buy what we needed. There are so many mountain shops here, so there were a lot of choices. We went up to the mountain and set up our tents in the snow, rigged our harnesses, practiced roped glacier travel techniques, avalanche beacon location, snowshoeing and skiing. After the class we came down the mountain and had a nice dinner together, a beautiful ocean boatride, and a big bonfire on the beach. It was fun to meet everyone, to hang out, to climb together, and make new friends.

Please join our next winter Glacier School and please check out our Summer Glacier School too: .
building anchors and setting up belays. Akash coils, Andreas observes. Ben points out his patroller avalanche beacon 
Akash and Jacque reserve snowshoes online. mountain food and a mountain map are  layed out on the table. Jaque and Akib doing rope work. John and Akash checking and coiling the ropes. 
Andreas rigging his prussics. delicious team breakfast 
group photo when setting off from the parking lot. John and Ben packing the night before departure. 
Shankar, Andreas, and Akib tying leashes. Team on the glacier in a blizzard 
John belays Akash. Lindsay and Ben practice vertical hanging crevasse rescue in thhe gym. Lindsay packing in the parking lot. 
Photo from Steve:
Photo from Jacque Tietjen 

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8 January -

We practiced crevasse rescue technique with prussics and ascenders in the rock gym. It was good to learn how to handle the ropes and tie all of the necessary knots. Afterward we checked out local wildlife such as seals, seagulls, and jellyfish, and then had a big celebration bonfire.

7 January - 

During the night a huge storm blew in and we decided to leave the mountain in high winds. A ranger met us in the car park and escorted us down the road to the main gate, which was locked. Apparently, we were the only people in the park.

6 January -

We awoke early and cooked breakfast in our tents, then set up our harnesses. After lunch we practiced locating avalanche beacons, then learned roped travel techniques. This afternoon a blizzard ensued and we received a lot of snow.

5 January - 

Today our team ventured up to the mountain and set up camp on a ridge high above the glacier. Conditions were excellent, with good dry weather and consolidated snowpack.

4 January -

Today our team met at Winter Glacier Glacier School Headquarters and then went out for a delicious breakfast at a local café. After we that we checked the members gear and our group gear and made a shopping list. Then we drove up to Seattle and did our mountain shopping, renting, hiring, and purchasing everything we needed at Second Ascent, Feathered Friends, and REI. We enjoyed the ambience of Seattle, then returned to our HQ and packed up for tomorrow's journey to the mountain. Everyone is very excited!
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31 December -

Tomorrow our begins. Everyone is very excited. Yesterday we went up to the mountain to check out conditions. They are excellent. Lots of snow!!

Tomorrow all of the members arrive. Happy New Year and Welcome to the Team!!!

Team Roster -

  • Akib A. - Bangladesh and Ohio

  • Akash N. - Uttarkhand and New Jersey

  • Shankar V. - Delhi and Seattle

  • John G. - Beirut

  • Steve C. - Snohomish

  • Don M. - Burien

  • Jacque T. - Salt Lake City

  • Lindsay G. - Dubai and Virginia

  • Andreas C. - Vancouver and Frankfurt

  • Ben L. - New Hampshire and Atlanta

  • Dan Mazur - Bristol and Olympia Back to Top