Volunteer Nepal charity non profit Service walks and projects Autumn 2011

Volunteer Nepal charity non profit Service walks and projects Autumn 2011

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Autumn 2011

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30 November, 2011

The team is currently walking down the very step trails through many corn and rice growing villages to dhare where they have arranged to catch a bus back to Kathmandu tomorrow.

The weather is still very good, so it should be a beautiful and interesting bus ride.


 Enjoying the walk through a temple laden valley in Ripal Village. Evening sky and sliver of sun setting over mount Gaurishankar above Kiji village. Back to top

29 November, 2011

The team walked away from Patale and down through the foothills, marveling at the enourmous views of such classic peaks a Gauri Shankar. They visited monasteries and more sherpa homes along the way, then came to the market town of Kiji Bazar, where they spent the night.



 Market day in Kiji Bazaar means butchering farm animals beneath squash trees (photo Brian Rolfson). Mighty Mount Gaurishankar looms above the Nepal Tibet border. a stunning view from our service trek (photo Brian Rolfson).Kiji Bazaar, shopping in remote Nepal at its best (photo Peter Thornton). Farm family prepares their rice paddy with a water buffaloes pulling a wooden plough (photo by Brian Rolfson).Back to top

28 November, 2011

The team attended a prayer ceremony (puja) at the village temple, followed by visiting several sherpa family homes and eating and drinking delicious local cuisine made with fresh, pure ingredients. They attended the opening ceremony of the new Dhaurakharkha health post and celebrated with an evening of sherpa folk dancing and singing.


 Sherpa dance party celebrating construction of the new health post. New Patale health post in progress, Many thanks to Erik Petersen, www.theFitBar.com , Kevin Burke, Bellerina Yeo, Barclays Capital Singapore, and Katharine Peacock (Dan Mazur).         Back to top

27 November, 2011

Today the team visited Maidane Primary School and Dhaurakharkha Primary School and taught classes to the local children today. the weather has been amazingly perfect everyday. Warm clear days and cool clear nights, with no precipitation and no clouds.


 Students, teachers, MEFSD directors and community leaders at Maidane school in Patale. Dorje the mayor of Patale, walks on the school ground which will be elevated.A very young Buddhist monk inside the Patale monastery (Rachel Dillhoff). Gyltsen, our awesome main porter, in Patale (Elaine Smith) Back to top

26 November, 2011

The team made the beautiful walk to Charmading High School today and met with the school committee, school principal, and teachers. Then the team moved camp and relocated up to the Dhaurakharkha health post. Back to top



 Lots of children follow us from Charmading school. MEFSD directors Jangbu and Murari with teachers and staff of Charmading school. Murari Sharma, director of MEFSD speaks with Charmading head teacher Tej Narayan Chaudhary (Dan Mazur).Back to top

25 November, 2011

The team called in on their satellite phone this evening to report. They had an early breakfast after watching the sunrise over the gorgeous crystal clear Himalayan mountains beneath a bright blue sky. They could clearly see Mount Everest, Lhotse, Ama Dablam, Mera Peak and many others, displayed just in front of them as the golden sun warmed the farms around them. They visited the beautifully restored temple of Tapting and then walked through a massive old growth forest, following scenic ridges with pristine mountain views down to the village of Patale, to Jangbu Sherpa's house, where they took a well deserved rest and a delicious meal. They plan to stay there for the night and have a bit of a lie in tomorrow morning, followed by three days of teaching in the schools, visiting the health post, and meeting all of the people in the village.
Panoramic view of the Himalaya greets us on day 3 of the Service Trek. That's Everest on the left with the massive wind plume. Photo from Jhaphre ridge where an ancient forest remains untouched (Dan Mazur).Back to top

24 November, 2011

The team awoke early after camping at a charming village farm campsite in Dungopa. They had a delicious breakfast and began walking on a golden sunnymorning, across and over the ridge, leaving the sidi khola valley and entering the shisha khola valley. They traversed forested and farmed slopes on the gentle trail, dropping down through Meran Ding to the village of Shisha. After enjoying tea in one of the wooden   restaurants of Shisha, they began a long climb up through poplar and pine forests and maize and millet farms to the small hamlet of Kamding on top of the ridge. Kamding boasts a round meeting house in the center of town and a large school. The team had a late lunch in one of Kamding's teashops, then walked along the ridge to Jamphre, where a small lodge provides cozy accommodation. While walking the ridge, they were treated to gorgeous mountain views including Everest, Lhotse, Ama Dablam, Mera Peak and many others. Upon reaching the lodge at Jamphre, they set up tents beside the lodge in the camping ground, and ate a large and well deserved dinner. After dinner they lit a bonfire from the abundant dry branches to be found scattered on the ground everywhere in the thick forest, and had a celebratory cup of tea while watching the flickering flames while sitting beneath the dark starry sky. In the distance they could see Nepal's Himalayan peaks rolling across the horizon. Today was a long walk and a very beautiful day.
 First views of the high peaks of the Himalaya (Dave Dogruel). Hong pointing the way to the next village (Lilia Wong).Back to top

23 November, 2011

After last night's delicious dinner at one of Kathmandu's many fine restaurants, the team awoke early this morning. the weather was perfect today. Sunny, blue skies, and clear with no wind. The team flew from Kathmandu to Phaphlu and began their walk through the large village of Salleri, then went down to the Sidi Khola river, passing the hydro plant, then climbed the hill into the corn and millet fields across the valley, reaching the charming agricultural village of Dungopa in the afternoon. It was a beautiful day of flying and walking.Back to top

22 November, 2011

Today we sat and had tea together in the meeting rooms at the Mount Everest Foundation for Sustainable Development (MEFSD) with all of the members and leaders.

During the meeting we talked about what all of our member's expectations are for what they hope to achieve during the service trek, and we spoke of our planned itinerary, what we have in store for us each day, necessary trekking equipment, etcetera.

Lots of members chimed in about how they want to be involved, so we made exciting plans for visiting and teaching in schools and also for visiting hospitals and health clinics.

Then we went to purchase our mattresses, trekking sticks, and other necessary bits and pieces along the way.

It was a very full and rewarding day and we truly enjoyed meeting everyone and it looks like we have a very fun group.

Now we are excited for tomorrow's (23 November) flight to Phaphlu in a small 16 seat plane chartered by the MEFSD. Wish us luck!! Back to top

Team members getting to know another and enjoying a delicious meal at a local restaurant called 'Nanglo' in King's Way, Kathmandu.

Team roster:

  • Murari Sharma (MEF Chairman/ Leader) - Kathmandu, Nepal
  • Stewart w. (Assistant Leader) - USA
  • Bea W. - USA
  • Gary T. - Australia
  • Sam P. - Australia
  • Sarah P. - Australia
  • Danette W. - USA
  • Jack S. - USA
  • Erik P. - USA
  • Jimmie R. - USA
  • Jangbu Sherpa (MEF Member) - Patle (Back to Top)