Patale School and Hospital Reconstruction: Thanks to Glen and Camille Nyberg!

Patale School and Hospital Reconstruction: Thanks to Glen and Camille Nyberg!

Nepal Earth Quake and Recovering - Please Join Us To Help Out

Contribute financially: The local people need your donations by cheque and also online using your credit card (please click the link below): 100% of funds raised will go to supporting Nepal earthquake relief projects rebuilding schools, hospitals, and communities.

Projected Charmading School Structure.

Charmading school: K-12 totally destroyed by earthquake. 300 children are enrolled and studying beneath tarpaulins. There is no government funding to rebuild the school. Your support is urgently needed. Thank you very much.

The school for 500 children in Charmading village was seriously damaged. Photo by Jangbu Sherpa . Damage Charmading School.

Photo taken before earthquake. Photo Markus Temporary classes running at Charmading School out the school building. Photo Erik.

 Photo taken before earthquake.

Structure of the building and its budgets (Amount)

Structure of  cemented building and total numbers of Rooms = 2 and its Length(L) is 18 feet , breath is 7 feet and its height is 10 feet. (work division and its amount )

  1.  Clearing the foundation of the school= $ 500
  2.  For stone breaking(managenment)= $1,000
  3.  For supplying the stone= $1,000
  4.  For wood cutting= $1,500
  5.  For supplying  wood from forest= $1,500
  6.  For 6 windows and for 2 doors = $500
  7.  For constructions of building= $2000
  8.  For tin roof (96 pics skylight 4 pics,plain sheet 4 pics) = $1,050
  9.  For transport of tin,skylight,plain sheet= $5,000
  10.  For Nail= $150
  11.  For other expenditure= $5,000

       Total= $11,150

Charmading School after earthquake

Chhermading school class are taken in Tin class room due to damage of main buiding by earthquake.  No Sign of building at Chhermading after earthquake.

Photo taken before earthquake. Students at Chhermading School with Dave, Brian and Jackie in the back row.