Pumori Spring 2003

Pumori Spring 2003


The last week and a half has provided some excellent results with 7 members representing 5 nations reaching the summit on the 7th and 8th April.

Dan Mazur - USA (Leader)

Jay Reilly - Australia (Leader)

Ryan Waters - USA

Fred Muylaert - Belgium

Deno Hewson - New Zealand

Levi Borst - USA

Ulrich Sure - Germany

Also reaching the summit were the extremely famous Nepalese climbers, Lakpah Sherpa, Jungbu Sherpa and Tenzing Sherpa, from Nepal. Shera Sherpa nearly reached the summit, but was tired after making an amazing attempt from camp 1.

Summit day conditions were a bit cold with ambient air temps of -25 celcius with no wind at 6.00am. With a 10 knot breeze blowing, the start of the day was refreshing to say the least! The teams reached the summit at 2.30pm and 12.30pm repectively on both days. The climb up was challenging - 700m of 30-55 degree snow and ice, but because we only had time to fix the route to camp 2 at 6490 metres, the summit teams (roped together) also had to downclimb every metre! We reached basecamp yesterday with no mishaps and with everybody healthy.

Well, we're about to leave Basecamp. The tents are all down, yaks are loaded and members are starting to trickle out. Its another sunny and beautiful day at Pumori, what has been described as Nepal's classic 7000 metre peak. Thanks very much for your coverage and fantastic support to our expedition and to Himalayan climbing in general, telling everyone about our favorite sport, climbing to the summits of Himalayan mountains!