Mustagata Mountain Climbing Expedition News

Mustagata Mountain Climbing Expedition News

News of our recent Expedition - Muztagh Ata
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22 July -

Update from Expedition leader: Mustagh Ata was good, 10 members to the top. 

Muztagh Ata Summit. Team in Base Camp.
Summit-Martin-Felix.  Muztagh-Ata-Camp1
Arriving in Camp 1. A Chinese group enroute to Camp 3.
From the basecamp. Our first night in Subashi.
Basecamp in evening light. On the road between Bishkek and Kashgar.
I'm cool camel. Kitchen Team in Base Camp,
Camp 2 contains several groups.  Martin and Felix in basecamp.
Natalia and Sergey in basecamp after summiting. A Kirghiz high altitude porter in camp 1.
Stopping at an inn on the road to China. the final evening in Mustagata basecamp.

Here is the Summit List.

  • Felix, expedition leader,
  • Horea
  • Ciprian
  • Nataliya
  • Sergey
  • Pavel
  • Martin
  • Nikolai, mountain guide
  • Dimitriy, mountain guide
  • Evgeniy, mountain guide
18 July -  

Yesterday Ciprian climbed (forthe second time), Horea, Nicolas, Sergey and Natalia and reached the summit of Muztagh Ata 7509m high!

Cipiran andHorea with ski traveling reached the base camp on the same day. Nicolas, Sergey and Natalia will reach the base camp shortly.

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Skiing down from camp 2. (Photo by Jon Otto). Our comfortable camp 1 just above the snowline (Jon Otto).

16 July - 

Euvgeny, Martin, Felix and Ciprian reached the summit of Muztagh Ata! ... Due to the long-term stable weather we have split the group. On 12 / 13th July Euvgeny / Martin and Felix set up camp 3 with tents and returned the next day.

On July 16 Ciprian, our speed climber went from camp 2 to the summit. Now he is staying with Horea, Nicolai, Natalia and Sergey in camp 3 and will try to reach the summit again tomorrow together. Pavel and Dimitry are in camp 2 and plan for the day after the ascent.

All our participants are doing well and we hope to have another safe and successful day.


9 July-

We now sit at the base camp at Muztagh Ata (7509m). It's raining cats and dogs! All participants are healthy at the base camp and resting today.
The last few days we had individually adapted to the level. Target: acclimatization. So phase 1 we set off to reach 5430m altitude and camp 2 at 6175m altitude. Sergey, Natliya, Pavel, their guides and Roi all reached nearly 6000m altitude and spent at least one night in camp 1
Ken and Jeff were spent the night in camp 1. Our team of Romania reached camp 2. Martin and Felix spent a night there and then explored the way to 6600m altitude.

Now we sit in the storm and wait again ……

Kashgar - Muztagh Ata team arrived!
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Janne skiing between camps. Sunset from camp 1
30 June - 
The beginning of our expedition was a laborious start with some interesting flights and delayed baggage. However, all the participants have arrived! It even seems that all the baggage has made the trip! We are now in Kashgar and hope to meet Pavel tomorrow. In the coming days, we plan to set up our base camp. Greetings from Kashgar !!
29 June - 
All participants have arrived in Bishkek. Due to flight failure of Zurich to Istanbul we had to wait here, we hope that the arrival of all participants intoKashgar is running smoothly.

Bishkek - Kyrgyzstan


 Our reliable camel transport (Jon Otto). Our acclimatization camp at Karakul Lake (Jon Otto).
27 June - 
We arrived in the capital of Kyrgyzstan. Now we prepare for the upcoming expedition to Muztagh Ata. So Pavel has already arrived in Kashgar and is on the way to the base camp in order to spend a few days acclimatising. Overall, we expect 5 guests in Bishkek on 29 July and plan to drive Turugart pass to meet in Kashgar on July 30 to meet more participants.