Mustagata Expedition

Mustagata Expedition

News of our recent Expedition - Muztagh Ata

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13 July - Our expedition has now reached Camp 3. Only one participant is still with the escorts at the base camp. The Summit is scheduled for tomorrow. We wish you good luck!

5 July -  The team led by Dominik Franz has stayed at the 1st camp (5600m) and made a trip through the Icefall direction 2.Lager (6200m). All are safely back at base camp and take a rest now. Broad Peak Base Camp

30 June - Yesterday the Mustagata team arrived in basecamp. Today the team plans to climb and spend the night in Camp 1 ( 5550m approx )


27 June -

Our Mustagata 2016 expedition is underway. All participants are safe and sound, even if some arrived in Kashgar with missing luggage

  • Dominik Franz, expedition leader
  • Pavlos Koutsis
  • Christian Gruene
  • Puwei Liu
  • Sungil Nam
  • Rawi Eggert

Any missing equipment could be replaced. So that was good, tomorrow we head for  Subashi, then to the base camp and continue towards Muztagh Ata peak.

Team Roster 2016

  • Dominik Franz (tour leader)
  • Pavlos Koutsis (Greece / Germany)
  • Christian Gruene (Germany)
  • Rawi Eggert (Germany)
  • Sungil Nam (South Korea)
  • Puwei Liu (USA)