The Karakorum calls climbers and trekkers to the highest peaks on the Planet 2018

The Karakorum calls climbers and trekkers to the highest peaks on the Planet 2018

Leader Dan Mazur, Sherpas & Team enjoyed a safe summer 2019 with friendly locals on K2 trek, Training Climb, Broad Peak Summit, Gasherbrums, Pastore Peak & K2 Trek. A wonderful time was had by all and we were treated like royalty in all villages.

Check out our new K2/Everest Training Climb. No experience required to learn and train for an 8000 metre peak and test yourself at a high altitude of 7000 metres.

Now everything is a go for our June, July, and August 2020 Karakorum expeditions and treks. Book now as these trips will fill fast. Read down for some exciting stories, cool pictures and information to plan your next adventure.

These are the reports of what we experienced each day this past summer. Please scroll down for more photos and descriptions.

19 Aug - After a great adventure in the Karakorum we are back in Skardu enjoying fresh delicious food, comfortable hotels, hot showers, and relaxing scenery. Our team did amazing and had a wonderful time, making us excited for 2020! Please join us next year for an adventure off the beaten path to explore this astonishing landscape, as well as some of the most spectacular and highest peaks on the planet.

Summitting K2

We were treated to some of the most delicious food in town before and after the trip. What a reward for all of that hard work achieving our adventure goals!

Comfortable hotels await our team from start to finish in town.

Exciting markets both in the big cities and small villages are a fun distraction and adventure in itself.


12 Aug – Another great day of trekking brought us to Mount Chogo Lisa, enormoussnow peak and also known as Bride Peak, considered by locals to be K2's beloved!

Climbing action at K2

10 Aug – We had a wonderful stroll up the big flat Vigne glacier to Ali camp. Concordia was splayed out far below with clouds parting to reveal K2 as a sparkle white pyramid.

8 Aug – After some great climbing we are in Gasherbrum 1 and Gasherbrum 2 basecamp and it is extremely beautiful. These are the world's 13th and 11th highest mountains and the most remote 8000 metre peaks. This Karakorum 8000 metre combo is being offered next year at a premium price. Knock 2 of the 14ers off at once. Welcome 2020 team!

7 Aug - Perhaps you will see no finer view than K2 and Broad Peak beneath crystal blue skies, or full moon on inky black night.

6 Aug - Today we are conducting training climbs in K2 basecamp in preparation for a climb of Pastore Peak nearby. This mountain is at 6209 metres / 20,365 ft. and located near K2 and Broad Peak base camp. We felt this wasn’t just a perfect training climb to acclimative for the 8000 metre peaks, but a perfect introduction to test oneself at high altitude.

We are in K2 bascampe and visited Gilkey Memorial, honouring all lives lost to K2. The team sends out prayers and condolences to their families and friends.

5 Aug – Today we made a leisurely trek to Broad Peak! One of world's easiest 8000m / 26,000ft peaks, just 3km / 2mi from K2. As the 12th highest mountain on the planet, this stunning challenge is attainable affordable including one of the most astonishing treks.

For those that would like to test themselves with no experience required we offer a K2/Everest training climb where we teach you everything you need to know to summit an 8000 metre peak. It includes one of the most spectacular treks on the planet!


4 Aug - We are in Concordia! This is one of the most famous climbing and trekking campsites in the world. Views of tall peaks cascade in every direction. This is an exotic hubub of porters, horses, and ginger tea. We are finally near our goals of climbing the greatest peaks on the planet: K2, Broad Peak, Gasherbrum 1 & 2, as well as trekking peak Pastore. The adventure continues.

Karakoram Glacier

3 Aug - Just set tents in Goro-II, a warm cozy glacier bowl rimmed by astounding summits of Masherbrum, Biarchedi, Mustag Tower.

Trekking into the Karakorum. K2 and Concordia in the background

2 Aug – A spectacular day of trekking brought us to Urdukas camp, named for the Duke of Abruzzi. Perched on grassy hill above vast Baltoro Glacier our camp was situated with an amazing view during dinner forstaring into the Trango spires.

Trekking in the Karakorum

1 Aug - After resting in Paiyu we continued our trek to Khuburtse campsite 3950m / 13,200ft at junction of Baltoro and Khuburtse glaciers. We were rewarded with breathtaking view of UliBiaho peak, as we stepped onto the Baltoro Glacierat last, at a huge ice cave birthing the mighty K2 river.

30 July – The day was filled with amazing scenery as we walked along the Baltoro River. Now chilling in Paiyu camp, lush green forest, inspiring views of jagged Cathedral Peaks!


Trekking in Askole village

Our friendly staff of local porters having fun at the end of day.


29 July - Today we trekked to Jhola basecamp at, 3100m / 10,000 ft. Mount Bakurdas towers above and looks like a miniature Trango Tower! Great fod and comfortable lodging in the local hotel made a perfect end to an excellent day.

26 July – We drove to the scenic village of Askole today, gateway to four of the world's 14 highest peaks. After a great meal in our comfortable hotel we took a fun walk around town to see the local colour and soak in the culture. All of us are excited for the next leg of our journey into the hills.

24 July – The trip begins! After some preparation and exploration in Islamabad we headed out from the city towards the mountains today. We just landed in Skardu, perched on Indus River, gateway to Karakoram Mountains. We are all excited to begin our journey towards K2, Broad Peak, Gasherbrum 1 &2, as well as Pastore Peak. Welcome to our team!