Recent News - From Karakoram News

Recent News - From Karakoram News

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NEW TRIP: We have just returned from 6 weeks exploring our world's 2nd highest mountain region, the Karakoram. We were joined by expedition leader Dan Mazur and our Nepalese staff. A wonderful time was had by all and were treated royally. Please scroll down to review beautiful photos and the day by day reports. Now everything is a go for our June, July, and August 2018 expeditions to the summits of K2, Broad Peak, Gasherbrum 1 and 2, Spantik and K2 Trek. Book early as these trips will fill fast. Please go to these sites for more.

Blog posts from our 2017 expedition: Please click one of the links below to go directly to that blog post or just scroll down.

22 Aug -

  • In Islamabad, capital city. Green tree lined streets, delicious restaurants, interesting shopping, gracious hosts!

20 Aug -

  • Glissading glistening snowfields on Babusar Pass. Whitewater rafting blue Kunhar River. Amazing variety of activities!
  • Nnw in Kohistan. Green grass slopes, crystal blue rivers, big pine trees. Friendly police ask if we want armed escort !
  • Glowing gold sunrise on Mt Rakaposhi, 7000m / 23,000ft towering above Hunza Valley. Sunrays spread across tiny green farms.
  • Touring 600 year old nabob kings house. Delicious lunch: locally grown cuisine. Walk quite cobbled streets, buy trinkets

19 Aug -

  • Back to Skardu, the nearest town to K2, for hot showers, clean laundry, soft beds, ice cream and pizza. Marvelous Trip!
  • Back to Skardu, the nearest town to K2, for hot showers, clean laundry, soft beds, ice cream and pizza. Marvelous Trip!


12 Aug - Camping near Mount Chogo Lisa, enormous snow peak. Also known as Bride Peak, considered by locals to be K2's beloved !

10 Aug - Strolling up big flat Vigne glacier to Ali camp, Concordia splayed out far below. Clouds part to reveal K2 sparkle white


8 Aug - Gasherbrum basecamp extreme beauty. Home to G1 and G2, two of world's easy 8000m 26,000ft peaks. Welcome 2018 team!

7 Aug - Perhaps you will see no finer view than K2 and Broad Peak beneath crystal blue skies, or full moon on inky black night.

k2 basecamp

6 Aug -

Today we study training climbs in k2 area, to 6000m / 20,000ft peaks + 7000m / 23,000ft peaks. Good options for 2018!

Now in K2 base. Visit Gilkey Memorial, honouring all lives lost to K2. Prayers + condolences to their families

broad peak

5 Aug - We are at Broad Peak! one of world's easiest 8000m / 26,000ft peaks, just 3km / 2mi from K2. Now preparing 2018 climbs!


4 Aug - We are in Concordia! K2 trek's and world's most famous campsite. Tall peaks in every direction. Exotic hubub of porters, horses, ginger tea

3 Aug -  Just set tents in Goro-II, a warm cozy glacier bowl rimmed by astounding summits of Masherbrum, Biarchedi, Mustag Tower

2 Aug - At Urdukas camp named for Duke of Abruzzi. Perched on grassy hill above vast Baltoro Glacier. Staring into Trango spires


1 Aug -

  • Khuburtse campsite 3950m / 13,200ft at junction of Baltoro and Khuburtse glaciers. Breathtaking view of Uli Biaho peak
  • We step onto mother Baltoro Glacier, at huge ice cave birthing mighty K2 river. Above looms Trango, giant father tower

30 July - Walk along Baltoro River. Now chilling in Paiyu camp, lush green forest, inspiring views of jagged Cathedral Peaks!


29 July -

Arrived Jula campsite, 3100m / 10,000 ft, on Jula River. Mount Bakurdas towers above. Mt Bakurdas looks like a miniature Trango Tower!

Now at green Askole Village. This is the end of the road. The K2 trek begins in the morning. Exciting!

pakistan climb

28 July - We are soaking in Chutron Hotsprings, located on Arundo River. Lovely hotel, rooms, gardens. A splash of comfort!

27 July - Now at stunning Mt Spantik, easiest 7000 metre / 23,000 foot peak in Pakistan. Perfect training for Everest.

26 July - Now at easy snow peak: Mt Khosergang, 6100m/20,000ft. In Arando valley. Lovely gentle snow glacier. No crevasses!

24 July - We just landed in Skardu, perched on Indus River, gateway to Karakoram Mountains. Welcome to our team!

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