Everest News - From Everest Tibet Expedition, Training Climb and ABC Trek 2016

Everest News - From Everest Tibet Expedition, Training Climb and ABC Trek 2016

Everest News of our recent expedition: Everest Tibet/North Col & ABC Trek 7 April to 5 June

News Update: All of our members summited Everest Tibet in 2016. Good job Team! . Now we are accepting applications for 2017 at Everest Tibet Climb .Also please check out our North - Col and Lhakpa - Ri Climb, as well as our Advanced Base Camp Trek. Welcome to the team!

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Elyse summit mount Everest with Sherpas. Photo Elyse Ping. Ang Pasang and Rob are on the summit of Everest. Photo Rob Mortell
About to reach summit of Everest from Northside. Photo David O Brien. The famous second step. Photo Jürgen Landmann.  Very near to summit. Photo Jürgen Landmann
Elyse is at Northcol. Photo Elyse Ping.  Tenji Sherpa climbing up from northcol. Photo Ry Fable. Weather getting bad while reaching camp 3. Photo David O Brien.
 Summit. Photo Jürgen Landmann. Bit windy at the summit seen from camp 3. Photo David O Brien
David summit Mount Everest from North side. Photo David O Brien. Near camp 3. Photo David O Brien
Early morning in camp. Photo Rob Mortell.  Harold Earls and Sherpa summited. Photo Elyse Ping
Our tents at the North Col at 7000 metres-23,000 feet, also known as camp 1. Photo David O Brien 
Our tents at the North Col at 7000 metres-23,000 feet, also known as camp 1. Photo David O Brien.  Summit Push. Photo Jürgen Landmann
Summit seen from ABC. Ry Fable

1 June -

We arrived in Kathmandu yesterday the traffic and chaos was a startling contrast to the sparse life at base camp.

Our celebratory meal and awards ceremony was in a delightful roof top restaurant overlooking the Palace.

It was good to be able to celebrate our 100% summit success still all together as a team.

A Big Congratulations to all the summiteers:-

  • Ry F.
  • Anders B.
  • Rob M.
  • Alexander v.,
  • Jürgen L.,
  • David R.
  • Dave O.
  • Elyse P. M.
  • Harold E.
  • Chad J.

I hope that climbing to the top of Everest leads to more life successes.

It has been a privilege for me to be part of such a team.

Good bye for now,

David O'Brien
Expedition Leader

31 May -

For our last night in Base Camp, Keepa made a feast of chicken and pizza and a beautifully decorated cake that was all shared with the Sherpa's in our tea house tent. We thanked them, because for sure without them our summit success would not have been possible.

The next day was an early cold start to Shigatse. Towards the end of the drive we pulled up suddenly to help with a car - motorbike delivery van, accident. The motorbike driver was badly hurt and the doctor, the captain and myself set about stabilising him until a long awaited ambulance arrived. The doctor did a sterling job in stopping the bleeding with the Summit Climb surgical kit that I had never thought would be used. Well done Dave Ohlson.

Last night it was long showers and comfortable beds at the hotel in Shigatse.

100% Summit Success team with Sherpas and Kitchen staff

27 May - All back at base camp now. Some walked back yesterday some arrived this evening. The 21 km seamed like a long distance this time, were all looking forward to some recovery here and as we drive to Lhasa for our flight back to Kathmandu.

24 May - Second team all successfully summited. Everybody safe, planning to reach ABC 25 May.

23 May - First Team – Everyone summited. Congratulation to all. All safe at camp 3 and lower. Expedition leader


David on the summit of Everest on 23 May 2016, 10:09 AM without oxygen. Photo David R.

22 May - First group reached camp 3 now snowing.

21 May - First team at Camp 2. Second team at North Col. Windy at Camp 2

20 May - Alexander von Cramm, Anders Bergvall, Rob Mortell, Ry Fable, Jürgen Landmann, David Roeske and David O'Brien (Leader) at NorthCol for summit attempt on 23rd. Second Team will follow for 24th Summit.

Tents are on the Northcol with the view of summit. Photo David R.. Tents are on camp 3. Photo David R.

Team reaching Northcol. Photo David R. Our Advance base camp with full of lights. Photo David R..

19 May - We head up to the Northcol again tomorrow for our summit push aim to summit on 23rd. Wish us a luck for our team.

18 May - Arrive ABC yesterday. Collating various weather reports to optimize our summit opportunity.

 John and Edmond are in ABC. Photo-Katya

John and Edmond working on fix line to climb Northcol. Photo Katya. John and Edmond are in ABC. Photo-Katya.

Northcol group going to Northcol from ABC. Photo Katya. Edmond and Emily near to ABC. Photo Katya

Edmond during northcol climb. Photo Katya. View of Everest on the way to ABC. Photo John R.

May 15 - Back from our rest at the delightful village of Tashi Zom. We had delicious food cooked by a very smiley husband wife team and it was good to be able to wander around with the local people. We head up to ABC tomorrow and wait for the final summit push.

Emily and John relaxing in Chinese-basecamp.-Photo-Katya . Yak and Yakpa are coming down to chinese basecamp for another expedition load.-Photo Katya

Climber using crampon near Northcol to climb up. Photo-Katya. Team Northcol at ABC before-climbing Northcol. Photo-Katya.

12 May - Most of us have headed down to a lower altitude village to recover strength for two nights. The ropes above 8300 meters/ 29,000 foots have not yet been fixed and we are waiting on confirmation of the date that this will happen, which is weather dependent.

  Katya near the Northcol. Katya Photo

Ang Shera and Katya are on the Northcol. Katya Photo. Katya near the Northcol. Katya Photo


Climbing up to the North Col. Our tents at the North Col. David O'Brien Photo


Breakfast in our delightful traditional Tibetan tent. Cinema Screem still up from last night movie. David O'Brien Photo. Team member enjoying resting before going for summit. Katya photo

10 May - We’re back at base camp having completed all our acclimatization. It’s time for a few days rest while we wait for the final section of rope to be fixed and for suitable weather windows. Its movie night again in our Tibetan ten, unfortunately someone choose a star wars spoof called space Balls. At least it’s nice and warm in here with the fire going, it’s a lovely atmospheric place to relax.

9 May -  Back at ABC after sleeping at the North Col 7000 m / 21,500 Ft. We had a very snowy ascent but woke this morning to clear Himalayan views

5 May - It’s a lovely calm sunny day at base camp. We’re having breakfast of porridge, granola, with eggs and toast to follow. After breakfast we’ll walk up to interim camp and then onto ABC.

2 May - Yesterday we got up early to head up the North Col but were met with a snowy morning which had a potential for unstable conditions on the icy head wall . I took the safe option to delay our climb and we have headed down the long walk for a few days rest in the comfort of Base Camp.


 Elise practising on the ropes. Harold Practising on the ropes.  Photos by Rob M.

1 May - Second Team (North Col) reach Chinese Basecamp. All doing well.


  Photo Katya


Nawang Nuri Sherpa at Northcol. Steve at Chinese Basecamp. Photo Steven G.

29 April - Steve summit North-col Everest from North side.

Photo Steven G.. Yak-carrying our expedition equipment at ABC.-Photo-Katya

28 April - Arrive ABC yesterday, very very windy. Everyone good enjoying plenty of food while acclimatizing.


Photo Steven G.

26 April - We walked up to Interim basecamp yesterday half way to ABC. It’s been very windy today,  had to re-built the kitchen tent several times.


Photo David O'Brien

24 April - Our first yaks came today to start transporting our equipment to advanced base camp. We head off tomorrow morning. The weather has been sunny but very windy; the winds should decrease as we head up the Rombok Glacier.

The team at the Puja ceremony with strong winds blowing from the top of The Everest in the Distance. Photo David O'Brien

22 April- We arrived at basecamp yesterday. It’s been a long journey to get here and the whole team is thankful to be here. This morning the team and all our sherpas had a very windy Puja ceremony conducted by a local senior monk. This is a blessing for our climb and an essential part of the expedition for the Sherpas. The rest of today is for relaxing and visiting the other teams at base camp

Members with the local kids. Photo David O'Brien
20 April -  We're in Old Tingri for the night out night. Our last stop before base camp. The same town visited by George Mallory on his 1924 Everest Expedition. It our last chance to stock up on chocolate, biscuits and toothpaste

The team pose for a photo at one of the high passes. Ry and Steve enjoying a walk around the monastery . Photo David O'Brien

19 April -

  • Another drive today took us up over two high passes and closer to basecamp. The hotel this evening in New Tingri is very comfortable and the evening meal included a good helping of fried chicken.
  •  We’re in Shigatse for the night with the one of the most splendid Monastery’s in Tibet.


The magnificent Potala Palace that we visited today. Lhasa Monk Relaxing. Photo David O'Brien

17 April - We’ve arrived in Lhasa the spiritual seat of Buddhism in Tibet, and we have  visited a few of the special  places in the city. The hotel we are staying in is very comfortable and we are all enjoying good food and test.


Himalayan Range seen from Lhasa Flight. Photo David O'Brien

15 April - So…. Our flight yesterday was redirected to Changdu because of bad weather at Lhasa airport. We had short overnight hotel stop before flying back to Lhasa this morning. It did give us the opportunity to see the Tibetan plateau in the splendid morning light from the plane window.


Group photo at Hotel Shakti. Photo David O'Brien

14 April - After finishing our wonderful trek around Annapurna region. We're all on a bus driving through the hectic Kathmandu streets on the way to the airport for our flights to Lhasa. It will be good to spend a few days there and to see and experience some of the very special places of Buddhist significance


Photo David O'Brien

12 April - We stayed last night in a delightful lodge in a small hill village called Gandruk. This morning we woke early to a beautiful view of Annapurna South showing its majesty through the morning mist. Our walk took us through the forested foothills with deep red rhododendron trees in bloom. We then headed back to Pokhora to join the raucous Nepali New Year celebrations.

11 April - Hello this is David ,leader of the Everest Tibet and North Col expeditions. While we are waiting for our entry into Tibet to be finalised were spending a few days in the hills to get some exercise. We went by bus to the lovely lakeside town of Pokhara , and have this morning set off on a short two day walk in the Annapurna trekking area. Its good to be walking and enjoying the sight of spring flowers along the trail. We hope to fly to Tibet on the 15th.

Team Rosters:

SummitClimb Everest Tibet -  

  • David O'Brien - LEADER, UK    
  • Ry F., China/USA
  • Anders B., Sweden
  • Rob M., Ireland
  • Alexander v. Cr., Germany
  • Jürgen L., Germany
  • David R.e, USA

SummitClimb Everest Tibet Training Climb - 

  • Steven G., UK
  • Norris M., USA
  • John N., USA
  • John R., USA
  • Edmond S., USA
  • Emily P., USA
  • Kateryna C., Ukraine

ABC Trekkers
  • Lloyd Morris Hales, New Zealand/UK

SummitClimb Climbing Sherpas & Staff -  

  • Tenji Sherpa
  • Lakpa Gelbu Sherpa Lama
  • Chhonga Karma Sherpa    
  • Nganga Nuri Sherpa  
  • Ang Pasang Sherpa
  • Gelje Sherpa 
  • Gyalze Sherpa
  • Ang Dorji Sherpa
  • Pema Rinji Sherpa
  • Kipa Sherpa - Cook

PTSD Awareness Team

  • Dave O., USA
  • Ms. Elyse P. M., USA
  • Harold E., USA
  • Chad J., USA
  • Thomas S. F., USA