Everest Tibet & North Col Expedition, Training Climb & Advanced Basecamp Trek News, Spring 2015

Everest Tibet & North Col Expedition, Training Climb & Advanced Basecamp Trek News, Spring 2015

News of our recent expedition: Everest Tibet/North Col & ABC Trek
7 April to 5 June

The season began in early April, after a snowy winter. The snow continued to fall lightly through the middle of April and the temperatures remained moderate. Our teams began arriving in Tibet on 9 April. An initial acclimatization cycle brought the team up to 6400 metre / 21,000 foot high Advanced Base Camp, from which an attempt to reach the 7000 metre / 23,000 foot high North Col (camp 1) was launched. On 25 April, a 7.5 earthquake hit the region. Although very few, if any, effects of the earthquake were felt on the Tibet side of Everest, the China Tibet Mountaineering Association chose to end the climbing season and bring everone home, due to casualties and infrastructure effects elsewhere in Tibet and also in Nepal, where many of the mountain staff are from. We wish everyone a safe return and encourage all to lend a hand in rebuilding after the tragic Himalayan Earthquake of April 2015. At this time of writing, the Nepalese and Tibetan peoples are rapidly rebuilding and look forward to your visit during September - October

2015 for Mounts Cho Oyu, Shishapangma and Mount Everest. The situation is rapidly stabilising, and returning  to normal. Everyone is eager for your return to freshly repaired and well maintained mountain routes, hotels, and lodges, to boost their families' and villages' economies, and for renewed climbing excitement on the highest, most beautiful peaks on Earth, the Tibetan Himalaya.

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At ABC. Photo Diamon Pon. Member hiking up to ABC. Margaret Suanez
Looking around in ThingRi. Ice Training in ABC. Photo  Diamon Pon 
Members at Base Camp. Photo Diamon Pon and & Margaret Suanez
Snowy day at basecamp. Yaks carrying load to ABC.  Diamon Pon
Lhasa Palace. Friend at Lhasa. Diamon Pon
Spring Flowers. Members with local kids. Photo  Margaret Suanez
 Team inside dinning tent. Photo Margaret Suanez. Puja before climbing at ABC. Margaret Suanez
Member after puja. Photo Michael Hopkins. Temple at ThingRi. Photo Micheal
Wild cat at Basecamp. Basica enjoying ABC Photo  Michael Hopkins

5 May -

We were up this morning at a cold 6 am for our transport from base camp. After an initial bumpy dusty road we got on our way to Shigatsu. The hotel is delightful without the base camp wind, hot showers, soft beds. A few of us had a walk up the nearby prayer wheel coveted hill, peaceful and very friendly.

2 May -

Today's Update from Expedition Leader: Base Camp has been extremely windy for the last few days. A few of us have headed down to the tented Tibetan tea house village 45 minutes walk down from base camp. It's a good place to get out of the wind. We're expecting the Yaks to bring down all our gear from ABC tomorrow and then transport to Lhasa is due on the morning of the 5 May. 

1 May -

Everest Tibet & Mount Cho Oyu cancelled: Tibet Mountain Association. Teams heading to Lhasa airport; Nepal border closed by Earthquake.

27 April -

Hello everyone, we arrived back down to the relative safety and comfort of Base Camp yesterday evening. It is very sad to hear the continuing tragic news and of loss of life both on the South Side of Everest, in Kathmandu and the rest of Nepal. Our thoughts go out the families of all those affected.

Our Sherpa’s also descended with us to try to get information about their respective families as communication is easier here. Most have now been able to telephone through to their families to confirm their safety, but as yet not all, clearly communications are down in several regions. Some have experienced damage to their houses. All of our Sherpa’s are however in good spirits and we hope to receive further good news from the remaining families.

Activity on the mountain above ABC has been suspended for five days from yesterday, so most teams are now either at Base Camp or on their way here.

Two new members Steve and Rob joined us today and we are all enjoying Base Camp life despite the events going on around us.

25 April -


24 April -


22 April -


20 April -


Base camp night. Group at Monestary.
Basecamp activites and Everest.  Photo Steelquist family
Everest and Posing with Yak.  Photo Steelquist family
Dining Tent of summitclimb.   Photo Steelquist family. Jeni Enjoying. Photo Jeni

16 April -

We had a rest day eating good food and watching a let night movie yesterday. Ian took a great photo of our communal tents last night.

This morning we walked down to the Rombuk Monastery for magical tour and blessing from the Lama. We were shown down a trap door into an ancient candle light  cave . The lama showed us carvings and hand prints of deities in the cave wall, tracing our fingers around the outlines. We received the traditional white scarves and threw tsampa into the air to bless our journey.

It was a lovely day and a chance to stretch our legs and see how we acclimatise.

TingRi. Photo Kurt and David

14 April -

We had a lot of snow yesterday which closed the road to Base Camp. It's unusual to get snow in Tingri so it was nice to see a snow covered town rather than a dusty one. Some of us went for a walk yesterday up a nearby hill to stretch the legs and get some nice aerial views of the town.

Today the snow had cleared so we set off on the dirt track drive to Base Camp. It was good to drive through some local villages and really see rural Tibetan life. We had a few stops and the local kids had fun running over to us to say hello.

We all arrived at base camp to take up residence in our individual tents and had a good dinner of chicken and chips.

Our group of Men and woman for Everest Climb and trek. Photo David and Ian
13 April -
Today is an acclimatization day in Tingri.
Above is a photo of the team standing in the main street of Tingri showing the light snowy conditions.
TSC awoke to an overcast morning with the streets, homes and cars of Tingri covered in a light dusting of snow.  Snow was still softly falling as TSC convened for breakfast (a tasty noodle affair) but stopped shortly thereafter.  Albeit a little snowy, the weather is mild with no wind; being conducive for team members spending a lazy day acclimatizing in Tingri.  Although denied the first views of Mt Qomolangma (often available from nearby Tingri) team members are more than content to enjoy the journey, as the Mountain will slowly reveal herself to the team in her own good time. - Dirk Klicker
Transportation at TingRi. Hotel Rooms at TingRi.  Photo Steelquist family
Tea house at TingRi. Player flag at TingRi.  Photo Steelquist family
Ready for action. Local using mobile phone.  Photo Steelquist family
High way to Basecamp. Street lights with help of solar power. Photo Steelquist family
Landscape and Members at TingRi. Photo Steelquist family
Walking around. Hiking to near hill at ThingRi. Photo Steelquist family
Team members at ThingRi resturant. Hotels at ThingRi. Photo Steelquist Family

12 April -

Good morning from Nylam! After two days at 3,700 meters above sea level the whole group is feeling great.  This morning we are making our way to Tingri at 4,300 meters. It will be our final stop before we arrive at Base Camp.

It is quite cold here, but we have gotten bright and sunny days to explore the town and take an acclimatization hike on a nearby hill. From these hills we were able to see the majestic, snow capped peaks of the Himalaya.  This is truly a beautiful area.  The above picture of our group (less those individuals who are in Lhasa) was taken at one of our first vantage points during our hike. With everyone in good spirits we look forward to exploring Tingri!


Today Team Summit Climb (TSC) roused relatively early (8am for breakfast) to ensure an early departure from Nyalam for Tingri.  The purpose (in which the team succeeded) being to secure better accommodation in Tingri.  The morning skies were brisk and clear.  The scenic drive to Tingri climbed up to the +5,000m high pass and then fell to the Tibetan high plateau below.  TSC and all the gear, arrive safe and sound in Tingri in time for lunch.  Everyone then took to explore Tingri in the steps of Mallory, Tilman and Shipton.  Cloud cover blocked view of Mt Everest.  TSC will pass another rest day in Tingri tomorrow to acclimatize before heading to base camp the day after.

11 April - 

Discovery Channel's Joe French visits www.EverestClimb.com Sherpas.

Today our team packed everything for Everest Tibet, Everest Nepal, Island Peak, Glacier School, Basecamp Trek. We had a nice visit from Discovery Channel's Cameraman Joe French. Who filmed the packing for the television program. Thanks to Joe for filming and to the Sherpas for their hard work.

Dendi and Kipa Sherpa pack while Discovery Cameraman Joe French shoots. Kathmandu Valley Mountains behind. Discovery Cameraman Joe French shooting Kipa Sherpa packing.
Overhead view of packing

10 April -

Hello this is David. We had a leisurely breakfast this morning and some last minute purchases of luxury items in Zangmu, pillows and duvets proved popular. Then it was on the road for the relatively short drive to Nylam. Mid way we stopped at an army check post for document and passport checks. The afternoon and evening were spent chilling eating and generally relaxing into the acclimatisation program in Nylam. back to top

Kids giving smile after crossing boarder. Harrison ready to Zhangmu. Photo Steelquist family 
Diamon Pon and Harrison Laird in hotel before leaving hotel. Photo Steelquist family. Frances and KJ before going to trip. Photo Steelquist family 
KJ ABC trekkers filling up Emergency Evacuation form. Paper work at Hotel Shakti. Photo Steelquist Family

9 April -

Hi this is David, leader of Everest Tibet expedition. We had an early start this morning. Up at four am for the drive to the border with Tibet at the friendship bridge.  After a very speedy, road side repair to a puncture on our coach, we drove on the twisty and stunningly picturesque river gorge road to arrive at the border late morning. As we crossed the bridge we were chosen to be the face of the new friendship bridge tourism poster and had many orchestrated group photos taken. Who knows, maybe we’ll now appear on giant posters at all Chinese border crossings!

Tonight we’re staying in Zangmu, just across the border, in a delightful, new and remarkably clean hotel, and we’re looking forward to a good night’s sleep after a hectic day.
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Flower sellers in KTM. Zsolt Torok Photo. KJ and Lakpa buying the team medications.

Andreas and Janine enjoying a sizzling dinner in Kathmandu. James Grieve Photo. Dan Mazur and team discussing expedition plans during the team briefing. Zsolt Torok Photo


David O'Brien Tibet Everest Leader. Zsolt Torok Photo. environmental talk in Namche.

6 April -

All of our staff are packing for Mount Everest. The members are helping pack too. It is very exciting to get ready, with anticipation!

Deha Shrestha, SummitClimb IT Manager, preparing solar equipment for Everest. Jangbu Sherpa, Sange Sherpa, and Murari Sharma preparing tents, epigas, and drums for Mount Everest.
Ian Bellows from Cascade Leadership Challenge preparing Mount Everest Medical Kits.  Jangbu Sherpa  and Thile Sherpa modeling their new RAB jackets. Thanks RAB!!!. back to top
Our advance Everest team preparing to fly to Lukla. Our Staff preparing the tents for the Everest expedition.

Team Rosters:

Everest Tibet -  

  • David O'brien, UK (Leader)
  • Diamon Pon, USA
  • Margaret Suanez, Australia
  • Harrison Laird, USA
  • Kurt Blair, USA
  • Michael Hopkins, UK
  • Iestyn Richards-Rees, UK
  • Adam Torrens, Australia
  • Basia Gorska, USA
  • Anders Bergvall, Sweden
  • Joshua David, UK
  • Roland Yearwood, USA

Everest Tibet Training Climb First Group:

  • Dirk Klicker, Australia
  • John Raven, UK
  • Andreas Gruhl, German

Everest Tibet Training Climb 2nd Group Start from 21st April:

  • Stephen O'Mullan

Advance Base Camp Everest Trek - 

  • Janine Verfurth, German
  • Frances Steelquist, USA
  • Mark Steelquist, USA
  • Kaitlyn Clark (KJ), USA
  • Kleanthi Astrid Chrisafis (Kleo), USA
  • Ian Bellows, USA
  • Rob Brown - 2nd Group
  • Glenn Grossman - 2nd Group

Climbing Sherpas & Staff -   

  • Tenji Sherpa       
  • Lhakpa Tendu Sherpa                  
  • Chhonga Karma Sherpa             
  • Gelze Sherpa                                   
  • Ang Dorjee Sherpa
  • Ngang Nuri Sherpa                        
  • Kipa Sherpa - Cook  back to top