Everest Nepal Summit - Lhotse and Training Climb and Everest Trek News 2019

Everest Nepal Summit - Lhotse and Training Climb and Everest Trek News 2019

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Everest News of our recent expedition: Everest Nepal Summit,  Mount Lhotse, Everest Training Climb, Island Peak and Everest Basecamp Trek: 7 April to 5 June

 Blog posts: Scroll down for day by day news of our climbing and trekking teams.

23 May - Update from Kaji Tamang : Second Group reach the SUMMIT and came back to Camp 4. Congratulations to team. 3rd Group is at Camp 4. They are going to Summit tonight.

andries at the summit   everest summit

Everest Summit Everest Summit

Congratulations to Mr. Paul Andries and Ian from SummitClimb Team 2. Good job on reaching the Summit of Everest!

22 May -  Update from Kaji Tamang

  • Tonight at 8 PM second team will GO for the Summit. Wish them best up luck.
  • Second Team climbing towards SouthCol. Later tonight they will attempt Summit Push. Wish them best of Luck.

21 May - Update from Kaji Tamang - Today 1st Team reach at the Summit. Congratulations. Have safe way back. 2nd Team reach at Camp 3. Wish them best up luck.

andries at the south col

Congratulations to Mr. Iman and Sherpa Karma from SummitClimb Team 1. Good job on reaching the Summit of Everest!

20 May - Update from Kaji Tamang - Today 1st team reach south col whereas 2nd team is at camp 2. Weather looks good. Tomorrow night we are going for the summit. Wish us best of luck. 

everest    everest camp 3

View from South col. Camp 3

19 May - Update from Kaji Tamang - All members are doing well. Toady 1 Sherpa and 1 member went to sleep at camp 3 whereas rest of team stay at camp 2. Weather looks good. Team ready to go for Summit soon. Wish them best of luck.

sunset from camp 3   camp 2 everest south

Sunset from camp 3. Camp 2 everest south.

18 May - Update from Kaji Tamang - All members are doing well. Today as well Everest Nepal team will rest in Camp 2 . Planning for going to camp 3 tomorrow.

16 May - Update from Kaji Tamang: All members and sherpa are doing well. today they will rest in camp 2.

camp 2 everest   coming back from camp 3 everest

View from Camp 2. Coming down from Camp 3.

15 May - All members are fine. Today also rest day in Basecamp. Tomorrow we plan to go Camp 1.

camp 1 everest   basecamp at night

All members about to reach camp 1. Everest Basecamp at night.

14 May - All members are doing well here in Basecamp. Our plan to move camp 1 tomorrow, if winds get low.

7 May -

  • The first group of Camp 3 climbers have completed their expedition and went to Namche before going on to KTM ready to fly home. We Congratulate Them!
  • Now the second group are in camp 1 . Wishing them good safety and success. All are well


the famous khumbu ice fall.

6 May - Update from Kaji Tamang: 2nd Group is in basecamp. They are supposed to go to camp 1 tomorrow and begin their climb.

3 May - All members now back at Everest Base after rotation to camp 3.

Camp 3   view from camp 1

view from camp 1

2 May - Colin nimish robin went back to bc this morning. Stewart andries iman paul went to c3 and back to c2 today. Dani

1 May - Colin and nimish both made it to c3 today and back safetly to c2. All other members rested at c2.

29 April - All members are now at c2 safe and sound after a tough day. Rod went back to bc.

28 April -

  • First Group : All members and Sherpa doing well. All are in camp 1 . Enjoying a days.
  • Second group : Hiked up to 5200 meters today from dingboche and came back down to sleep at 4410m

parallel view

Panoramic view of Himalayas from Dingboche.

camp view   standing

Photo Pinhus S

mountain   walking

Photo Pinhus S

standing   tent behind

trekking   walking

mountain view  

Himalayas seen from Dingboche. Photo Abhi


Himalayas seen from Dinboche. Photo Abhi.


27 April -
  • First Group Update: We are in Camp 1. All is well here.
  • Second group update : Everyone reached dingboche in the morning. We had a nice lunch at the yak hotel and are now taking things easy today.
26 April - Second group reach Pangboche. All well.

parallel view
Panoramic view from Tangboche. Photo Abhi

group photo   mountain

Second group of team hiking towards to Tangboche. Photo Abhi.


One of the many stupa while hiking toward Tangboche. Team at Dingboche. Photo Abhi


bridge   everest

Suspension bridge. Members at prayer wheel. Photo Abhi.


Prayer wheel and Yaks. Photo Abhi

24 April  – Second group reach Namche bazaar. All well. Tomorrow rest day.

parallel view
Panaromaic view from Sangboche. Photo Abhi

group with tenji sherpa statue  statue

Members enjoying taking photos at Tenzing Norgay Statue. Photo Abhi

  parallel view
Panaromaic view from Sangboche. Photo Abhi

parallel view
Ariel view of Namche Bazaar. Photo Abhi.

eating lunch   reach to namche

Eating lunch on way to Namche bazaar. Today we reach Namche

   stone view 

mani rock during khumbu trekking. Photo Abhi. One of the Monastary on the way to Khumbu Valley. Photo Abhi

One of the many suspension bridge. Photo Abhi

23 April - More training in the ice fall today. Second group reach Phakding and resting there.

climber with sky  

Photo Colin One to one training in the ice fall

23 April - Second group Everest Training Climb and Everest Basecamp Treks team left kathmandu for Ramechap to catch Lukla flight.

22 April - Today is rest day for us. Every body enjoying day in Basecamp relaxing.

Leader Dani with all climbing equipment on. Dinning tent of Summitclimb. Photo Dani F.

21 April - Members did additional training hight up into the ice fall today.


Addition training climb. Photo Kristyn C.

20 April - Today members did an acclimatization hike upto Pumori BC.

Nights in Everest Basecamp.

19 April - We had our puja so we have all been blessed and are now allowed further up the mountain.

We did Puja today in Basecamp.


18 April - All members are fine. We are in Everest Basecamp doing Ice training and having good food before going to Khumbu Ice fall.

everest climb 

Members are doing great at base Camp. Dani teaching mountain training. Photo Dani

17 April - All members are doing great, we reach Everest Base Camp. Dani.

everest base camp
Everest Base Camp

mountain view   mountain view

temple   sun view

bridge view   flag behind

board   mountain view

 mountain views   near view


15 April - All members are doing great just heading off to do an acclimatisation hike from 4410mtr up to 5085 mtr.

group photo

13 April - All members are now in Pangboche and acclimatising very well.

everest view   mountain view

12 April - Today we had an acclimatisation hike 3 hours and then the rest of the day was rest and relaxation.


Group photo of Everest Nepal Team. Members at Sangboche

11 April - We all had a great hike to namche and are now recovering in a stunning tea house.

team in hotel   village view

10 April - We had a beautifully sunny trek to Phakding today and all members are doing great.

9 April - All members safe and well in Lukla tea House.

everest climb, lukla airport  everest climb, lukla airport 

All members at lukla tea house. Team members are in at lukla.


near lukla

Chaurikharka near by lukla

8 April: Today is our team briefing and last minute shopping, then packing for tomorrows early morning flight to Lukla.

 everest news

Prayer wheels are at Kathmandu stupa. Photo Cary C

7 April: Our members are arriving in Kathmandu and we are checking their gear, then taking them out to the shops to buy and rent/hire what they need. Delicious dinner at a cultural dance restaurant.

Team Roster

Everest Climb Team Member

  • Dani F. - LEADER UK
  • Mr. Ian A., USA
  • Mr. Andries E., Belgium
  • Mr. Robin H., UK
  • Mr. Paul A., UK
  • Mr. Iman A.

Lhotse Climb Team:

  • Blake T. U.S.A
  • Mark A. U.S.A

Everest Camp 3 Training Climb

  • Stephen L, U.S.A
  • Tyler E, U.S.A
  • Patrick Q, U.S.A
  • Nimish P, Indian
  • Hugh W, U.K.
  • Colin H, U.K.
  • Carmen M, Espanola
  • Sara F, U.S.A
  • Pinhus S, U.S.A
  • Abhinayak M. U.S.A

Island Peak Team

  • Bradley B. USA
  • Christine B. France

EBC trek

  • Kathleen S, USA
  • Kristyn C, Canada
  • Howard T, USA
  • Dan F, USA  Back to top

Staff Team:

  • Jangbu Sherpa
  • Ang Pasang Sherpa
  • Gyalje Sherpa
  • Karma Gyalje Sherpa
  • Pasang Nuri Sherpa
  • Lakpa Tendu Sherpa
  • Wanchhok Sherpa
  • Neer Kaji Tamang Basecamp Manager
  • Jay Bahadur Nagarkoti Cook