Cho Oyu Climbing Expedition News

Cho Oyu Climbing Expedition News

Cho Oyu News of our expedition 08 April 16 May.

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13 May - Cho Oyu team Summited . We will provide you name soon. Now coming back to BC. Best of Luck.

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Photo Felix B

8 May - Update from Team Leader Felix - We have touched and some even sleep at C2 - 7100 meter / 23450 feet - during mostly mixed weather on Cho Oyu. Most of the team rested two days and three nights in Tingri and fell strong now. Tomorrow we head up to ABC to wait out some more high winds before trying for a summit push, a long hard day for all members. Wish us luck!

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Bad weather hit in camp 2. member climbing up to camp 2 with the help of fix rope. Thomas L

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Team members are camp 1. . enviroment inside tent at camp 2. Photo Felix B.

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Cho Oyu basecamp with player flag. Team enjoying rest day.  Photo Felix B.


7 May - All team members have sleep or touched C2 at 7100m. Now most of us are resting at TIngri for some new fresh energy before summit push. 

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Climbing Sherpa Jangbu Sherpa

2 May - Felix, Florian and Uwe have arrived safely back in the ABC after their tour to camp 2 (7125 m). Eugen, Roberto and Thomas have started today with Dawa Jangbu Sherpa for the acclimatization tour to camp 2.

The weather is unfortunately still quite unstable at the moment. Precipitation and wind are still waiting for a summit attempt.

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Cho Oyu with Moon


27 April - We spent 3 nights in camp 1 at about 6300 m. The first day we rested and on the other two days we were able to secure the route with fixed ropes up to about 6600 m and set up a small camp there.

The weather was always good until the afternoon, then snowstorms came up very quickly, so we did not progress further with the fixation. For all it has been an exciting time, it’s always interesting to see how the body reacts with headaches, changes in breathing and increased urination ;-). Nevertheless, we have all weathered it well and for two of our guys it was also a personal height record. On the third day we went back to the ABC, as we have to recharge our batteries.

At the next acclimatization tour we try to fix the route to camp 2, where necessary and hopefully spend one night there. All in all, only 19 mountaineers are on the mountain, and we are the first. On the one hand it’s great that our team is the first and also to have the mountain just for us, but therefore we are also responsible for the work with the fixed ropes. We hope that we will get support with the rope fixing. Well, now we are back in the ABC since yesterday and we are fine. After a few day’s rest, we will definitely start again. We look forward to a great, if exhausting, time here in Tibet.

Your Cho Oyu team.

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Camp 1 to 2. Photo Felix B.

23 April - After three nights in the base camp, we then ascended to an intermediate camp at about 5350 m in two days, with the help of some yaks, in our advanced base camp at about 5650 m. We were the first expedition in ABC and could set ourselves up nicely. Meanwhile, there are three more expeditions here besides us. We have now spent two days getting ready to acclimatise, rest and celebrate Puja today, without which we cannot climb..

In addition, we have used today to pack equipment etc. Because tomorrow we want to go and start a first longer tour on the mountain for further height adjustment, to build high camp and set up route. Depending on the weather and physical condition, we try to spend 4-5 days on the mountain. So keep your fingers crossed that it keeps running as smoothly as before. Because the height-related injuries are very limited and the team is strong and in a good mood.

We will contact you after we return to the ABC. Your Cho Oyu team from the Outpost in Tibet.

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Photo Felix B.

15 April : Tingri (4339 m), 15.04.18: The visa for Tibet reached us in Syabru-Bensi in time. So at 7 in the morning we reached the border to Tibet. The border crossing was without complications and we brought all important equipment over ;-)

At about 9 o'clock Nepali time or 11 o'clock Tibet time we were in Tibet. Unfortunately, the road to Kyrong, our destination for that day, was blocked due to debris and had to be cleared again. So we spent about 10 hours at the border on the Tibet side. In the evening we reached Kyrong (2800 m). The next day we were able to sleep in and then had the chance to take a look at all our, pre-sent luggage, because there was everything from Nepal truck to China truck transhipped. However, we had to find the transhipping site first :-)

At noon we went directly to the hotel. At first we followed a few paths, then we went uphill through dense forest and came back onto mountain trails. Gradually, we somehow got higher and reached a peak in the late afternoon at about 4200 m. This was pleasingly much higher than we thought. The climb was great, all guys were in a good mood and we had a lot of fun, especially on the summit one or two not so serious videos were made ... At 7pm we were back at the hotel. One last, yummy meal and beer in Kyrong.

The next day we continued with the minibuses over a pass 5236 m and on to Tingri (4339 m). Shortly before Tingri we had our first view of our destination, Cho Oyu: We are here in a rather simple hotel, with good supplies, and beer is also here ;-) Today was a day to have to rest, drink a lot, take a little walk, play cards ... and enjoy the view of Cho Oyo and Mount Everest. We all feel very well, and tomorrow we will be ready for the ride to the Chinese base camp at 4900 m and our first nights in the tent!

We still hope to have so much fun there and laugh: We may call back from the Chinese Basecamp or only after a few more days from ABC, our actual base camp for the Cho Oyu Ascension.

Best regards from us all! Your Cho Oyu team


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Photo Felix B.

11 April :  Second update for all those who stayed at home: After our scheduled arrival in Kathmandu, we spent the three days there with various purchases and preparations. Besides these things, it was basically a culinary journey until then, so replenish energy reserves with delicious food and drinks.

The departure in the direction of Tibet was scheduled for Wednesday morning at 3 o'clock, however, the driver was only prepared to start with us at 05:30 o'clock at the earliest, which was also welcomed by some ;-) ... we really started at 06:45 o'clock ( This is Nepal).

We are now in Syabru-Besi. For the more than 100 km here we took more than 8 hours by bus. It was also more Gehopsse than driving :-). Unfortunately our visas for Tibet did not arrive in Kathamdu yesterday as planned. But they are currently on their way to us and we can probably continue tomorrow across the border to Kyrong in Tibet and hope to get all our equipment, especially the pizzas, over ;-).

In the meantime, our German / South Tyrolean troupe has got to know each other a little bit better and has lots of fun! We all look forward to a great time and a great adventure together and are looking forward to Tibet and hot on action on the mountain.

Many greetings to all out there. Your Cho Oyu team

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Photo Felix B.

9 April Preparing climbing equipments and shopping . Delicious dinner at a cultural dance restaurant.

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8 April: Our members are arriving in Kathmandu and we are checking their gear, then taking them out to the shops to buy and rent/hire what they need.

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Cho Oyu Autumn Team Roster:

  • Felix B., Leader - Germany
  • Eugenius P., Germany
  • Uwe H., German
  • Florian T., Germany
  • Roberto G., Germany
  • Thomas L., Italian
  • Dawa Jangbu Sherpa                            
  • Nima Dorjee Sherpa Back to top