Cho Oyu Climbing Expedition News Spring 2016

Cho Oyu Climbing Expedition News Spring 2016

Cho Oyu Spring: News of our expedition 21 April to 28 May

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Andreas Czymoch on the summit of Mount ChoOyu. Photo Andreas Czymoch. Camp 1.5. Photo Rasmus Kragh
Camp 2. Photo Andreas Czymoch. Climber on way to  camp 1. Photo Andreas Czymoch
Climbers are on vertical iceclimb with the help of fixed rope. Photo Fredrik Johansson. Climbers helping each other. Photo Robert Westreicher
Climbing to next camp. Photo Rasmus Kragh. Fredrik on the summit of Mount ChoOyu. Photo Fredrik Johansson
Going up to camp 2. Photo Robert Westreicher. Reach the camp. Photo Andreas Czymoch
Hiking up from camp 1. Photo Robert Westreicher. Near Camp 2. Photo Andreas Czymoch
On the high camp . Photo Fredrik Johansson. Using fix rope to move down. Photo Fredrik Johansson
You can see climbers in distance. Photo Robert Westreicher. Team Summit of Cho Oyu. Photo Andreas Czymoch

Summit ridge seen from high camp. Photo Andreas Czymoch. Sherpa and climber going up to camp 1. Photo Fredrik Johansson
Andrew Divas at the summit of Mount Cho Oyu. Photo Andrew Divas. Mount Everest seen from top of the Cho Oyu. Photo Andrew Divas
Mount Cho Oyu Seen from ABC. Photo Andrew Divas.  Tents are in camp 2. Photo Andrew Divas
Tents at camp 2. Photo Andrew Divas. Near Summit day. Photo Andrew Divas

At Abc. Photo Andrew Divas.  Mountain seen from Camp 2. Photo Andrew Divas

19 May - All members are now back at abc and packing, end of expedition! Wishing all team members all the best in future. Leader Dani

17 May - Norris, Dennis, Chris, John Quillen are at Camp 2 awaiting a summit window. John and Khai are camp 1 and heading back to ABC today.

16 May - Andreas, Andrew, Fredrik, Andrea, Robert and Rasmus are all back safely at ABC after summit.

Team members at  the dinning tent in ABC. Photo Robert Westreicher. Rasmus Kragh at Cho oyu base camp. Photo Rasmus.

15 May - First Team – Rasmus, Andreas, Andrew, Fredrik, Andrea, Robert all summited at around 10.20 A.M today and are safe and  well back at Camp 2, Dennis is at Camp 2 waiting for team B, Chris, Norris, John, John Nigh, and Khai are now at Camp 1. 

14 May - Andreas, Andrew, Fredrik, Andrea, Robert and Rusmus are now at Camp 2 and going for Summit tonight. Dennis staying at camp 2. All members are at ABC and going to Camp 1 tomorrow.

13 May - Rasmus is going from Camp 1 to Camp 2 and sleeping the night. Dennis, Robert, Andrea, Fredrik, Andrew, Andreas have all ABC to c1 to sleep. The rest of the team are resting @ ABC.

Here is what Kristin Haertel Davis Report - Happy Friday! I just heard from Andrew, they made it to C1 overnight safe and sound. He sounded great and really strong! He'll sleep now and then get up and head to C2. They are going slow and steady up this 'hill' and it seems to be working for the entire team. It sounds like he's acclimated well but is still planning on using oxygen as he gets closer. They're still on track to summit sometime overnight Saturday/Sunday morning. I will continue to keep everyone posted! And I know I've said it before, but THANK YOU for all the prayers and support! It means the world to us!! xoxoxo to all!

Back pack ready for next camp. Photo Andreas Czymoch. Camp 1. Photo Andreas Czymoch
Climbers working near camp 2. Photo Andreas Czymoch. Hanging wall before reach camp 2. Photo Robert Westreicher
How we cook our food in high camps. Photo Robert Westreicher. Robert at the camp 2. Photo Robert Westreicher
Sherpas are at camp 2. Photo Robert Westreicher. Climbers going to camp 2 from camp 1. Photo Andreas Czymoch

12 May - This morning Rasmus kragh has gone to Camp 1 to sleep the night, the rest of the members are at ABC resting for the day.

9 May -

  • Norris Merritt/John Nigh are at Camp 1.5 and staying the night& going to try to tag Camp 2 on 10 May.
  • Rasmus kragh, Khai Nguyen and John Quillen are resting at ABC. All other members are aclimatising at c1 tonight

7 May - David Roeske summited without oxygen on 7 May 2016,  12 hours up from camp 2 and 6 hours back to camp 2. He is now back safely at ABC with Lakpa Gelbu Sherpa.

The success of David Roeske reaching the summit of Cho Oyu without oxygen on 7 May 2016. David Roeske Photo. Summit route seen from camp 2. Photo David Roeske 

5 May - Members are now staring rotations up to c1 (6010m / 21,033ft) from ABC very hard day but a beautiful hike. All members will spend the night to further ACC.

4 May - Today we did the puja and our sherpas did a load carry to c1. David and Dani (leader) are sleeping at camp 1 ( 6010 m / 21033 ft)

3 May - Rest and training day at ABC

2 May - Today we have moved up to ABC approximately 5300 m / 18660 ft. All members doing well. The winds have dropped but it is snowing hard.

Photo Andrew Davis

30 April - We are now at Interim BC which is approximately 5080 meters/ 17,800 feet. All members doing well but the altitude is starting to show.

Yaks are near Cho Oyu basecamp. Photo Robert Westreicher. Mount Cho Oyu seen from Tingri Hill. Photo Robert Westreicher

29 April - Today we did an ac hike to 4890meter /17,100 ft all members well, still constant high winds here.

28 April - We are now at ABC approximately 4570 meters /16,000 foots  . All members are feeling well.


Photo David Roeske and Leader Dani Fuller

27 April - we went for an acclimatization hike today 8.6 miles, 3245 ft overall altitude gain, 16.172 ft max Altitude. All members doing very well

 Photo Katya

Photo Andrew Davis

26 April -

  • Arrived in Tingri. All members feeling good and acclimatising well.
  • Off to Tingri, 7 hours in the happy bus. Hoping for first views of Cho Oyu and Everest tomorrow!

Photo Katya

24 April - Team reach Lhasa Today and having Dinner now.

Photo Dani

23 April - Team left for Lhasa Flight today. All is well.

Cho Oyu Spring Team Roster:

  • Dani Fuller (Leader), UK   
  • Chris Wilcox, Australia
  • Willi Andreas Czymoch, Germany
  • Andrew Davis, USA
  • Fredrik Johansson, Sweden
  • Andrea Rigotti, Italy / Australia
  • John Quillen, USA
  • Robert Westreicher, Austria
  • Dennis Mildenberger, Switzerland
  • Rasmus Kragh, Denmark
  • Khai Nguyen, Canada
  • David Roeske, USA
  • Norris Merritt, USA
  • John Nigh, USA
  • Thile Nuru Sherpa                             
  • Dawa Jangbu Sherpa                     
  • Lakpa Tendu Sherpa                      
  • Kancha Sherpa  
  • Lakpa Sherpa                             
  • Nima Dorjee Lama Back to top