Broad Peak Climbing News 2016

Broad Peak Climbing News 2016

Recent News from Broad Peak Climbing

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24 July

Òscar and team decided to wait in Camp 2 until Saturday. Good weather was forecast for Saturday, Sunday and Monday until noon!

The team left for the summit at 22:30 pm (Pakistan time) on Sunday  however Monday morning the leader called to say that they had to go back to Camp 3 because of the weather.

On Saturday the team spent 7 hours climbing in the morning and got to Camp 3 7150m

19 July - We head for the neck at the summit rock which will take at least two hours and then return

18 July - Tomorrow we begin the ascent and aim to summit Broad Peak on Saturday

14 July - Leader Oscar Cadiach and the rest of the group have set up camp 3 (7,000 m.)

11 July
- The Broad Peak team have reached 6.500 m, they are acclimatizing and installing camp 3 (7.200 M) they spent the last couple of nights sleeping at camp 2

10 July - ‪Broadpeak‬ team are at Base camp. Everyone is happy and well.


Photo Oscar

5 July - After 8 days of trekking our Broad Peak expedition reached the base camp. Some small obstacles such as a blocked road on the way to Askole and unstable weather along the way were well mastered. Over the next few days the teams start to set up the first two camps (Camp 1 and 2 upto 6200m)

1 July - The BROADPEAK‬  team started acclimatising on Saturday and setting up Camp 1


The Broad Peak team are now enjoying the trek along the Baltoro glacier

25 June - Our Broad Peak Expedition and accompanying hikers reached yesterday Askole, the last attainable place with 4 × 4 vehicles. All 5 participants are well and in good spirits. Today they begin the trek along the Baltoro Glacier.

22 June -

  • At 9,30 pm òscar was on the radio from skardu today at aclimatació babussar pass (4200 M)
  • Oscar just confirmed that the team have arrived in ‪skardu‬.

Broad Peak team in Skardu

The Broad Peak team in Skardu

21 June - The team ‪‎Broadpeak leave in the heat of Islamabad in skardu

20 June
- Today is Monday and the Broad Peak leader Oscar and the team are doing some last minute shopping in Islamabad ‪broadpeak

The Oscar Hotel Envoy of Islamabad, with lolo, lluis, Albert and Jonathan. Waiting for the Australian and German group!

19 June - The Hotel Envoy in Islamabad, with lolo, lluis, Albert and Jonathan. Waiting for the Australian and German group

Team Roster - 

  • Oscar Cadiach(Leader) 


  • Asgeir Jonsson
  • Gilian Lee


  • Alberto Lopez
  • Luis Alberto Diaz