Ama Dablam Climb and Trek Expedition News October and November 2017

Ama Dablam Climb and Trek Expedition News October and November 2017

Ama Dablam News
News from Ama Dablam Expedition

Both of our October Teams Summit!! Please scroll down to see the photos and read the highlights. Also, please book now for our next . Places are filling rapidly!

Team members are at the summit, backgroud Mount Everest. Photo: Rob

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1 Nov - After all 10 members reaching the summit and descending safely, we are all now back in Lukla after enjoying a lovely trek back through the Khumbu. Fingers crossed flights go to plan tomorrow as we are hoping to fly back to busy Kathmandu in the morning!

28 Oct- TEAM B Summit Success: Today, 28th Oct, all remaining members reached Ama Dablam summit. These were Trond, Jean-Francois, Boris, Mikey, Pujung Sherpa & Lakpa Tendu Sherpa.


AmaDablam team leader and member at the summit of AmaDablam background Mount Everest. Member at Mushroom ridge. Photo: Charles L


Camp 2 seen from Camp 3. Our tents are in camp 2. Photo: Charles L


Team mates are near the summit. Camp 1. Photo: Charles L

26 Oct - Team A 100% summit success. All members have returned safely to Camp 2 aside from Wilson, Morten, Ang Dawa Sherpa and Dawa Jangbu Sherpa who are all expected to arrive later this evening.

Team B is ready at Camp 1 and will move up to Camp 2 tomorrow for their planned summit push on Saturday.

Wilson and Ang Dawa Sherpa have now arrived safely in camp 2.


Sherpa at the summit of AmaDablam. Climbers at the Mushroom ridge. Photo: Trond O.


Happy Birthday cake at the basecamp. Climbers climbing through famous dablam. Photo: Rob


Rope training at the basecamp. Yellow tower. Photo: Rob


Team relaxing at camp 1. AmaDablam seen from ABC. Photo: Trond O.

25 Oct - TEAM A on Ama Dablam is now ready in Camp 2 for a summit push tonight. All members are feeling well and looking forward to an early start during the night. The following people will climb tonight: Rob, Rainer, Wilson, Charles, Fabian, Morten, Tenji Sherpa, Ang Dawa Sherpa & Dawa Jangbu Sherpa.

TEAM B (Trond, Mikey, Boris & Jean-Francois, Phujung Bhote & Lakpa Tendu Sherpa) dropped gear at ABC yesterday. They are resting today and hope to move up to sleep at Camp 1 tomorrow.


Sherpa and member at camp 1. Prayer flag with the view of AmaDablam. Photo: Wilson Wai Y.


Member enjoying the day at ABC. Puja ceromony at Basecamp. Photo: Wilson Wai Y.

23 Oct - Team arrive Camp 1 with Morten, Wilson, Fabian, Rainer and Charles. Hoping to touch Camp 2 tomorrow.


AmaDablam seen from Pangboche. Tents are set up at Camp 1. Photo: Wilson Wai Y.

22 Oct - We had our Puja ceremony today in base camp where a Buddhist lama came to bless the team and our equipment before we move up to sleep at Camp 1 over the next few days. In the afternoon, we were joined by Mikey and Andrjez who have joined the team after trekking in Nepal for the last few weeks. Looking forward to having Trond rejoin us tomorrow from Namche hopefully. Rob

Lama and Puja Ceromony at AmaDablam basecamp. Group Photo after Puja. Photo: Wilson Wai Y.

21 Oct - We enjoyed a lovely sunny morning resting in basecamp today. We had warm showers, washed clothes etc. In the afternoon, Boris and Jean Francois ("Crunchy" and "Smooth") joined us in base camp after successfully summiting Island Peak with Lakpa Tendu Sherpa.

19 Oct - This morning we all had fun practicing our rope skills on a course set up by our fantastic sherpas. Everybody learned how to safely use a jumar and figure 8 belay device. Tomorrow we are planning to hike up to touch ABC and then return to base camp.

18 Oct - Another sunny day in base camp today. All members are feeling well and we did gear checks this morning to prepare for rope skills training tomorrow. In the afternoon, we went for a little walk to nearby Pangboche to visit the local bakery!


Great view near basecamp. Photo: Trond Olsen

Our two Canadian friends climbing Island Peak are due to arrive at their base camp this morning and will make a summit push on Friday before rejoining us on Ama Dablam on Sunday.


Way to AmaDablam basecamp after Namche. Yak resting at Tangboche


Stupa at Namche. Member relaxing at basecamp. Photo: Trond Olsen

17 Oct - Good evening from Ama Dablam base camp. Everybody enjoyed a rest day today so we had showers in camp and ate lots of good food. In the afternoon we went to the nearby lodge to enjoy the warm fire. Tomorrow we will do a gear check and maybe visit Pangboche again for some exercise.


At Pangboche. View from Tangboche monastary.


View from Tangboche. Photo: Trond Olsen


16 Oct - AmaDablam Team are in Basecamp now. Weather looks good here. We are going to take rest days for 2-3 days here in basecamp.


Amadablam seen while hiking toward pangboche. Yaks and member at Tangboche. Photo Rob M.

15 Oct - Today we trekked to Pangboche in beautiful sunny weather. Lots of amazing views along the trail and we found a fantastic apple pie beside the monastery in Tengboche. All members very happy and we were joined by Fabian, our new teammate in Pangboche.


Sherpa and team helping each other for pitching tents in Namche. Amadablam team enjoying sunny day in Tangboche. Photo Rob M.

14 Oct - Today was a rest day in Namche so the whole team enjoyed a light trek in the morning to get their very first view of Ama Dablam, Everest and Lhotse. A very exciting morning indeed so we went into the village in the afternoon to celebrate with some lovely apple pie from the Everest Bakery!


Team enjoying hiking and resting in khumbu valley. Photo Rob M.

13 Oct - We had a lovely warm sunny day today trekking from Phakding to Namche Bazaar. Everybody enjoyed the good food and did a great time on the trail. Looking forward to a rest day here tomorrow. Trond is hoping to see some football games at the Irish bar. 

Here is what Morten R says:

"Hope you are all Well, We reached Namche today in a good time. I just wanted to send My High appraisals for the Sherpas and the leader, they are doing an amazing job. So much work going on behind the scene that We do not see. And the food is amazing, first time I get so good fresh vegetables on a climb.

Thanks ! Kind regards, Morten R



Hiking down from Lukla. Phujung with Lukla Kid. Photo Rob M.

12 Oct - Wonderful sunny day today for the team flying from Kathmandu to Lukla. Half the team flew in by plane while the rest were treated to a surprise helicopter flight. Everybody made great time on their trek to Phakding in the afternoon. Enjoying getting to know each other along the way.


Amadablam group member at hotel shakti.  Photo Rob. The domastic plane ready to go to Lukla.


Briefing at hotel shakti. Dinner at kathmandu resturant.

11 Oct - Busy few days in Kathmandu with the members buying last minute supplies, equipment & getting to know each other, we are ready to leave tomorrow

Team Roster
AmaDablam Team Roster

  • Jean-Francois D. Canada
  • Boris L. Canada
  • Fabian S. , Germany
  • Costin M. , Romania
  • Charles L.,  Canada
  • Wilson C. , UK/Hong Kong
  • Rainer O., Germany
  • Trond O., Norway
  • Mikey L. ,Canada
  • Andrzej B. , Polish/Canadian
  • Morten R., Denmark

  • Robert W. Austria
Climbing Sherpa
  • Tenji Sherpa
  • Lakpa Tendu Sherpa
  • Ang Dawa Sherpa
  • Phujung Bhote
  • Dawa Jangbu Sherpa