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Here is what Bob says:

Thanks for your response and I want to further congratulate you on the quality experience I had with your Summit Climb organization.  I also am impressed with the humanitarian effort you put forth as well.
As I have mentioned to others " it was not ALL about the Mountain but about people as well".  The wonderful opportunity to meet quality professional guides with many experiences to share along with competent and caring support from individuals like your staff at the office and in addition, hard work from other support staff including the Sherpa's made for an exceptional personal experience.  It was another plus to have been a part of a great group of climbers that seemed to bond and were willing to share their personal experiences that really cut to the heart soon after meeting each other and I am confident that many of us will continue keeping in contact with each other in the future.
I am so fortunate to go on this Trek as I grew up on a farm without mountain climbing experience or world travel. 
Thanks again!

Here is what Tom says:
Overall, the trip was a great experience and I wasn't disappointed.  It was a great overall experience; everything seemed to be organized well and people were helpful.  The timing of two days or so at each end in Nepal was good.
Office, leaders, staff:  Outstanding.  The office staff were great in Kathmandu - very helpful and well-organized.  The leader was a terrific trek leader and if I were to return to Nepal or Tibet for additional trekking, I'd want to go with him.

Everest Basecamp Trek Tibet - To The World`s Most Coveted Peak
EBC Trek Tibet Main
EBC Trek Tibet Main
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These photos were taken on our recent successful trek. Photos in slide show: Tunc Findik, Dan Mazur, Ryan Waters, Aldas Baltutis, Colin Pacey, Tim Spear, Fredrik Strang, Ken Stalter, & Andrew Brash. For caption information, please visit our Photo Gallery.
  • Trek advanced base camp-ABC on "Golden Highway". High altitude trekking, good snow-free trails.
  • The views of Everest from the Tibet Base Camp trek are the best in the world, better than Nepal.
  • Full service includes: airport transfers, hotels, Kathmandu city tour, drive to basecamp (bc), yaks to advanced basecamp (abc), good food on trek, in bc, and abc, trekking guide, tents, radios, satphones, etc.
  • Leader: David O'Brien, 4 times summit, friendly, Everest walking expert
  • Full Service Cost: $3,850, £2,550, €3,650. (Converted 1/12/15)
  • Dates: 6 to 25 April, 2017 or 20 April to 9 May, 2017. 20 Days in Tibet & Nepal.
  • New Flexible Date Option: arrive anytime at your convenience during April or May.
  • Average group size 5. Our last trek all 5 members reached basecamp.
  • Drive to basecamp experiencing the unique culture of the Tibetan Plateau.
  • Witness an Everest climbing expedition firsthand.
  • Trek to ABC on the "Golden Highway", great high altitude trekking on good snow-free trails.
  • Add an exotic and historical trip to the ancient Tibetan city of Lhasa. Optional trip to Lhasa, add $2450.
  • We are available to help you buy & rent - hire inexpensive trekking gear, equipment, clothing, & boots.
  • Completing this qualifies you for North Col, Everest Training, Island Peak, Elbrus, Glacier School, Mera.
  • Not ready for Everest Base Camp? Try our Service Trek. Lower altitude and fewer days.
  • Looking for a different style of trek? Try our EBC Nepal Trek or Remote Nepal Service Trek.
  • Please Click Here
Recent news: Our recent Everest Tibet basecamp trek and climb and North Col Expedition has just returned. Please click here to view news of our expedition. Please also visit our "Archived News" for more stories of past trips.

Please click one of the links below to view that section of our introductory information or just scroll down (photo below right by Fredrik Strang: Our team trekking up to ABC from interim camp).

Everest Basecamp Trek Tibet Programme Description:

  • Our trek to the base of the highest mountain in the world allows you to enjoy the incredible beauty of the Tibetan Plateau, and walk to a very high altitude on good snow-free trails providing the best views of Everest from either the Tibet or Nepal side.
    • This trek brings you through the basecamp of Everest and allows you a rare opportunity to walk the "Golden Highway" to advanced basecamp (ABC), which at 6400 metres/21,000 feet might be the highest "walkable" point in the world you can reach with only your trekking boots, hiking on good paths.
    • These treks are in the spring, the main climbing season for Everest. You will have a chance to sample expedition life and check out the basecamps of teams from around the world.
    • You travel at a very careful pace without having to carry a heavy rucksack, while enjoying freshly prepared meals and lots of hot drinks, all important for acclimatization. The logistics are all taken care of, so just relax and enjoy the pure and pristine environment of the high Himalaya (photo right by Michael Hsu: Michael Hsu trekking close to ABC. Behind him are the huge "ice pilgrims" that are littered across the Rongbuk Glacier. They are quite fun to walk through and explore, as they are always changing. The geography of the area is stunning and it almost feels like you are on a different planet at times. A small 5mm/1/4 inch dusting of snow had fallen overnight when this photo was taken).
    • This easy, peaceful and interesting trek to Everest maximizes many years of accumulated wisdom in the Himalaya, a long and proven record of safe and fun trekking through Tibet, Nepal, China, Africa, and many other fascinating mountain destinations around the world. Our friendly guides and trip leaders are experts at leading interesting groups of men and women throughout Tibet. In addition, they have an intimate knowledge of the terrain, people, customs, temples and shrines in each picturesque village you pass through. back to top
  • Leader and staff: In Kathmandu, on the drive across Tibet to basecamp, during the trek and in Chinese Base and ABC, our experienced staff is with you all of the way. Our skillful cooks prepare delicious, fresh, tasty food and hot drinks at least 3 times a day.
    • On trek: Your guide, together with friendly and helpful sherpas, cooks and local people leading yak caravans carry all of your personal equipment, group equipment, and set up camp each day, prepare and serve delicious meals, so you can relax and enjoy the trek. You do not need to carry a heavy rucksack during the trek.
    • Our comfortable basecamp and ABC: We have comfortable, heated dining tents with tables and chairs where our cooks and waiters will serve you delicious meals (photo right by Tunc Findik: Cloud plumes roll off the north face of Everest. You can see the daunting west ridge on the right hand skyline leading up to the face. ABC is in the center and just over the gravel moraine from where this picture was take. Some walkers are standing on the right side of the photo on the moraine).
    • Sherpas: Many of our loyal sherpas have been working for us for more than 10 years and could share an intimate knowledge of the beautiful trek to Everest and the rustic, medieval villages we will visit, as we explore their home region. They live in this land, grew up on farms here, and have family and friends in the stunningly barren areas we will pass through, allowing a unique glimpse into the ancient and still intact culture of the Tibetan Plateau. They go out of their way to help make your visit remarkable, enjoyable along the way, and create lasting ties with the majestic landscapes and the inhabitants who reside there. This is an exotic trek with an interesting and fun group of friends. back to topgazelles.JPG (58351 bytes)
  • Everest National Park: The park is situated among rolling, vast green (in May-June) short-grass and boulder strewn valleys leading up to the base of the mountain. The environment is beautiful and stark, inhabited with wild birds and animals. Upon reaching basecamp, you trek towards the mountain, where the vegetation changes to become more alpine and rocky, with the mountain looming upwards and the best views of Mt. Everest possible from this altitude, either in Tibet or Nepal. Plants in the park range from spruce, pine, a wide variety of evergreen trees, as well as coldbelt grasslands. Many precious animals inhabit Tibet, such as antelope, deer, fox, gazelles, yaks, and many species of birds (Photo right by Jon Otto: Tibetan gazelles abound in the grassy valleys around basecamp).
  • Drive to basecamp: Our drive from Kathmandu, into Tibet and finally to basecamp is a relaxing and interesting adventure. We stop in medieval looking towns with dirt streets and stay in local "hotels" and eat in local "restaurants" (at the organizers expense), experience Tibetan culture, while stopping to rest and acclimate, and walk in the beautiful surrounding hills to adjust slowly and carefully to the rising altitude. The drive offers a scenic chance to encounter the vast Tibetan plateau and view the Himalayan giants of Shishapangma, Cho Oyu, Menlungtse, Ghauri Shankar, and of course Everest in all of her majesty. We end at Chinese base camp; located just near the ancient and active Rongbuk Monastery, where we can visit the monks and high llama (these same Buddhist clerics will perform a blessing ceremony for our expedition in basecamp a few days later).
  • Lhasa option: If you wish to add on a tour of the ancient city of Lhasa before arriving at basecamp, this is easily arranged so please let us know. Most people will prefer to fly to Kathmandu first to take advantage of the excellent equipment shopping there, then fly to Lhasa. The price includes a spectacular flight from Kathmandu to Lhasa over the Mount Everest massif. Some people prefer to fly to Lhasa from another city in China and we can also assist you with these arrangements.
  • Trek to advanced basecamp: A beautiful trek to the base of the highest peak in the world. This trek is very accomplishable by the average person who enjoys walking. The trails are good and normally you never step on snow and there is no climbing, only walking on moraine paths made by yak caravans. From basecamp we trek up the amazing Rongbuk Glacier, also known as the "Golden Highway", where there are gorgeous views of stunning peaks in the area, including Lakpa-Ri and all of its "Little Sisters", as well as Changtse and of course Everest. At 6,400 meters/21,000 feet, Advanced Basecamp (ABC) must be the highest basecamp in the world (Photo right by Tunc Findik: A trekking member walking around in advanced basecamp). back to top
  • Rest days: We take many rest days throughout the trek so you can adjust to the altitude. On rest days you can relax and explore surrounding hills and valleys, monasteries, meet other international climbing teams, etcetera.
  • Who is this trip for?
    • We encourage men and women from around the world, of all ages to join us as an individual team member or with your own group, whether that is your spouse, partner, friends, sibling, clients, colleagues, etc. Most of our members join as individuals, our team dynamics work well, and we are able to build successful and safe groups of people that enjoy trekking, climbing, and traveling together.
    • Previous camping experience is beneficial to enjoying the trip, although not required.
    • It would be nice if you have some experience with foreign travel, although we are happy to advise and help you if this is your first time out of the country and, for many of our members, it is.
    • All of the work is done for you, such as cooking, carrying group equipment, setting up tents, etc. Trucks, yaks and sherpas will carry all of your personal items so you do not have to carry a heavy rucksack (photo right by Tunc Findik: One of our team members taking a short hike above Chinese basecamp. On our rest days along the trek, we will have plenty of time to walk and explore the surrounding Tibetan plateau and get spectacular views of the Himalaya all around us. The pace allows you to do as little or as much hiking as you feel comfortable with, as you slowly acclimate to the rising altitude before setting out to ABC). back to top
    • It is not necessary to be in extremely good shape to enjoy this trek. If you can have fun walking for 3-6 hours up and down hills with a few 20 minute breaks mixed in, then you should be fine.
Our comfortable ABC at 6400 metres/21,000 feet. Located at the foot of Everest, this is perhaps the highest basecamp in the world. An exciting place to be, as teams from all over the world are preparing or in motion to climb the highest peak on the planet (Ryan Waters). The Rongbuk Monastery (perhaps the highest monastery in the world) right below Chinese basecamp (Michael Hsu).
Please "click" one of the links on the column on the upper right of your screen under "Everest Basecamp Trek Tibet" to learn more about our expedition.back to top