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Here is what Joe says:  

I really enjoyed meeting you and climbing with you. Thanks for everything you did for me and the group in getting 10/11 to the top.  It was an incredible experience. Take care and let's keep in touch. You will always be welcomed at our home . -Joe

Here is what Damon has to say:

Dear SummitClimb,
Thanks for your concern. I was up there at Nido waiting for the wind to calm down for 2 days before the Summit attempt. I have to say that your organization is really..really well organized. As it seems like everyone was connected to know each member's status. Such small details make the trip worth while. By the way... Don't ride mules for 4.5 hours. You can't imagine what that will do to your body. I'm still in bed now...recovering. Happy New Year Damon
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These photos were taken on our recent successful expedition. Photos in slide show: Ted Alexander. For caption information, please visit our Photo Gallery.
  • Excellent summit rate in 2016
  • First team to summit in 2015
  • Best price on the market
  • Guides with the most experience in the business
  • Walk to the top of the highest peak in all of the Americas. One of the famous "7 Summits" (non-technical).
  • We have reached the summit in our last 7 expeditions
  • We teach you everything you need to know about climbing during the trip.
  • Climbing Aconcagua may qualify you for Everest Nepal, Everest Tibet, or Cho Oyu.
  • We help you buy and rent inexpensive mountain climbing, trekking, hiking, and walking gear, equipment, clothing, boots, shoes for sale, purchase and hire at affordable, cheap, low prices.
  • Leadership: Max Kausch 3 time Cho Oyu, Ama Dablam, ShishaPangma, Aconcagua leader and 6000m peak world record holder.
  • Dates and Cost (does not include cost of your personal climbing permit):
  • Normal Route: 13th Jan. 2017 to 29th January 2017 or 3rd Feb 2017 to 19th Feb. 2017 (17 days)
  • Cost: $3,750 , £2,450, € 3,350

Recent News: Our recent expedition to Aconcagua was a huge success and the team returned home safely. Please click here to view dispatches from our trip. Please also visit our "Archived News" for more stories of past trips.

  • A) How do I join and prepare for this trip?
  • B) Who are the leaders and staff?
  • C) Who are the members?
  • D) What the cost includes.
  • E) Details of the itinerary, route, and weather.
  • F) What qualifications, experience, fitness, & training do I need?
  • G) Personal & team equipment and what I need to bring.
  • 1 What personal equipment should I bring?
    2 Where should I purchase my equipment?
    • Renting or buying mountain equipment in Mendoza is very easy. There are several shops in town and if your sizes aren't too different than normal you shouldn't have a problem. These CANNOT be paid by credit card due to argentine foreign card restrictions. Please add up the equipment you want to rent based on the list below and bring enough US DOLLARS for this. Prices vary a lot but this is roughly what we had last season (the price is for the 18-20 day itinerary):
      • Trekking poles U$25
      • Crampons U$40
      • Plastic Boots* U$95
      • Sleeping mattress U$20
      • 70 litre rucksack U$45
      • Sleeping bag U$105
      • Long ice axe U$40
      • Down jacket U$80
      • Goretex jacket U$55
      • Trekking boots U$45
      • Duffel bag U$30
      • Fleece jacket U$25
      • Fleece gloves U$15
      • Mittens U$35   
      • Fleece pants U$25
      • Goretex pants U$45
      • Gaiters U$20

    * Please note that if your boot size is larger or smaller than normal we might need extra time to find your boots. Please let us know in advance

    • Below we have listed several inexpensive shops around the world. It may be best to telephone them directly with your questions, as they are very busy and do not always answer email enquiries in a timely manner. When you do contact them, always be sure to mention your name and the name of our company and expedition leaders to them, as we send them many customers and they often give our members substantial discounts. You may or may not choose to purchase the product from them, but it should give you a good idea of what the fair price for the equipment should be. We especially recommend Second Ascent in Seattle, as it has a very large selection of second hand, discontinued, and rental mountain climbing equipment and clothing.
    • One strategy our members often pursue is to visit Seattle for one of our Glacier Schools, and then during time set aside during the course, work together with our leaders to try-on, compare, and purchase and hire the equipment they need at one of the least expensive mountaineering shops in Seattle. It is rare to find such a good selection of equipment and clothing in one shop, but Seattle is known for its large glaciated peaks, and large community of mountaineers.

    Peglers - UK

    www.peglers.co.uk, Tel: +44 (0) 1903 883375
    Pegler's have the largest selection of inexpensive clothing and equipment in the UK.

    Second Ascent - Seattle Second Ascent - Outdoor Gear and Apparel

      www.secondascent.com, Tel: +1 206 545 8810

      Check out their new online shopping store for used and discontinued equipment, clothing, and boots.

    Mountain Equipment Co-op - Canada
    http://www.mec.ca/, Tel: +1 888 847 0770

    MEC have the largest selection of inexpensive clothing and equipment in the Canada.

    Snell Sports - Chamonix

    Tel. : + 33 4 50 53 02 17, email: snell@cham3s.com

    Decathlon - France

    Au Vieux Campeur - France

    Chamonix Alpine Equipment - Hong KongChamonix Alpine Equipment

    Tel: +852 2388 3626, +852 2374 0924
    Everestgear.com - Online


    3 What sort of equipment will the organizers bring?
    4 Do you use fixed rope for this expedition?
    5 How much cash should I bring?
    6 Can I use my credit, bank, cash, ATM card in Argentina?
    7 Bringing equipment and supplies as checked luggage on my international flight.
    8 Do I need to bring my own snack energy and dehydrated food?
    9 Should I plan to take Diamox, Acetylzolamide for this expedition?
    10 What medicines do I need to bring?
    11 May I hire-rent purchase my boots, equipment, and clothing in Mendoza?
    12 What is the best photo or video camera to use?
    13 What paperwork and information do I need to provide before arrival?
  • H) Flying from home country, welcome to Mendoza.
  • I) Insurance and safety.
  • J) Where do we stay and what shall we eat?
  • K) Communications and electronics for Aconcagua.
  • L) Notes for basic members.