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"The leader's personality, experience and competence were a key component to the success of this expedition. The logistics and service were good, with a pleasant staff always ready to help and do their best to make our trip run smoothly. We enjoyed the group of international members that came on the expedition and everybody was very respectful with a good sense of humour. SummitClimb provided fast and effective responses by email before the trip, helping us to be well prepared and reassured."

Here is what Kristine from Pennsylvania says:

"Mustagata was a blast. The expedition leader was great, as he knows the language and the culture well.  I loved that we took a different route than the other trips."

Here is what Arun from California says:

"The Summitclimb leadership was excellent on the trip, with the leader acting as a mentor to many of the team members. They worked tirelessly to make this trip as perfect as possible for all of us. The Chinese staff were kind and caring, taking good care of us at BC and on the mountain. The organizers in Kashgar were outstanding and extremely efficient. I hope to join SummitClimb on future adventures."

Here is what summiter Gary from New Mexico says:

"Mustagata is an excellent exposure to very high altitude without requiring excessive commitment or extensive technical climbing skills. It makes for a great test before trying something higher. It's also a chance to see really interesting people and cultures that you wouldn't experience on a Himalayan climb in the "typical" areas of Nepal or Tibet. Finally, it's a chance for some great snowshoeing/raquetting, snowboarding and skiing in an amazing location.

The Tibetan sherpas were really great. I've climbed before with Nepalese sherpas, and these Tibetan guys were certainly their equal when it came to their strength, work ethic, and all around helpfulness. They genuinely seemed to have a good time, with infectious smiles. I'd climb again with them any time."


Here is what summiter Urs from Switzerland had to say:



"Overall it was a great experience. Technically it was very easy. For competent off-piste mountain skiiers and snowboarders, I would recommend skis or split board over raquettes/snow shoes, as the way down is very breathtaking.



The challenge of Mustagata is certainly the altitude, rather than the technicality of the terrain. It's more challenging than easy two day or week-long climbs like Island Peak or Kilimanjaro."

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These photos were taken on our recent successful expedition where we put 8 members and 5 Sherpas on the summit. Photos in slideshow: Urs Jaeggi, Jon Otto, Kristine O'Brien, and Gary Kellund. For caption information, please visit our Muztagata photo gallery.

  • Perhaps the "easiest" 7500 metre/24,600 foot peak in the world, located in China near K2.
  • Climb, ski, snowboard, snowshoe, and snow-raquette to the summit and down.
  • One of the highest safest mountains you could climb in just 24 days.
  • Friendly experienced leader Julian Bierman.
  • Mustagata could qualify you for Cho Oyu, Shishapangma, Lhotse, Everest Nepal or Everest Tibet.
  • Drive and trek to basecamp, experience the unique culture of the ancient Silk Road and Chinese Pamir.
  • Add on our inexpensive 'Pre-Climb Tour' of ancient Kashgar and the famous Shipton Arch.
  • We help you buy and rent inexpensive mountain climbing, trekking, hiking, and walking gear, equipment, clothing, boots, shoes for sale, purchase and hire at affordable, cheap, low prices. 
  • Dates and cost: 9 June to 06 July or 30 June to 25 July 2015 and 2016. 28 days in China.
  • Full Service Cost: $5750, £3,850, €5,435; Basic Climb Cost: $3150, £2,110, €2,975. 
  • We now offer two sets of dates: The first trip is much nicer for skiing as you can ski almost all the way to Basecamp. The second date you will experience slightly warmer weather and a chance the weather will be more stable. For passionate skiers we recommend the first date!

Recent news: Our July Mustagata expedition was a huge success. Please click here to view news of our expedition. Please also visit our "Archived News" for more stories of past trips.

Please "click here " to watch an exciting 2 minute video clip about skiing on Mustagata.

  • A) How do I join and prepare for this trip?
  • B) Who are the leaders, sherpas, and staff?
  • C) Who are the members?
  • D) What the cost includes.
  • E) Details of the itinerary, route, and weather.
  • F) What qualifications, experience, fitness, & training do I need?
  • G) Personal & team equipment and what I need to bring.
  • 1 What personal equipment should I bring?
    2 Where should I purchase my equipment?
    3 What sort of equipment will the organizers bring?
    4 Do you use fixed rope for this expedition?
    Fixed rope is generally not needed on Mustagata except in rare short sections. For more information regarding the Mustagata route, please "click here".
    5 How much cash should I bring?
    6 Can I use my credit, bank, cash, ATM card in China?
    7 Bringing equipment and supplies as checked luggage on my international flight.
    8 Do you provide secure facilities to store my excess baggage & valuables in Kashgar?
    9 Do I need to bring my own snack energy and dehydrated food?
    10 Should I plan to take Diamox, Acetylzolamide for this expedition?
    11 What medicines do I need to bring?
    12 What about mittens?
    13 Packing my bags in Kashgar which I will take with me to basecamp.
    14 What is the best photo or video camera to use?
    15 What paperwork and information do I need to provide before arrival?
  • H) Flying from home country, welcome to Kashgar.
  • I) Insurance and safety.
  • J) Where do we stay and what shall we eat?
  • K) Communications and electronics for Mustagata.
  • L) Notes for basic members.