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Here is what Cat says:

Just landed in Dubai and waiting to fly out through Seattle on the way back to AZ. Just wanted to say how grateful I am to have been a part of the Nepal Everest team. Please send everyone my warmest regards. Looking forward to climbing with you guys soon 

Here is what Mario says:

I was one of the Nepal Camp 3 training climbers. You might remember we chatted about many things in the kitchen tent at Camp 2.  Congratulations on getting everyone to the top! That's unheard of. 

I'd like to be helpful and offer some constructive criticism about the organisation of the trip but I actually have very little in the way of negative comments.  A very satisfied customer. 

- Your office was very effective, helping me join the trip at very late notice. 

- I thought your office in Kathmandu was above and beyond the level of service I'd expect - they were helpful to the point I felt like I was taking advantage of their good nature at times. They just did everything that was asked and more.

- The Sherpa guide was great, very attentive and showed a real care for us that differentiated his performance from competent to exceptional. 

- I thought the base camp facilities were adequate and the staff responsive to anything we needed. I thought the food was good considering the circumstances. How do you cook pizza for 15 in a tent!?!

- I've not been on many on many Everest expeditions (well, just this one actually... haha...) but I suspect most don't have the leader's unique personal approach which gives the whole operation another dimension.  If you'd ask me who I would expect as expedition leader on Everest, I'm glad you are running the show.

That's about it really.  I would really like to come back and try for the top one day, if you'll have me. Certainly interested to hear any thoughts on the idea.

Anyway, thanks for taking the time to reach out.  I hope my comments are helpful, even if they are a little light on suggestions.  Hopefully not the last time we talk - look forward to hearing from you soon.


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These photos were taken on our recent successful Everest Training Climb expedition where we put members and sherpas all the way to camp 3 on the Lhotse Face and the team returned home safely. Photos in Lhotse slideshow: Fabrice Imparato, Bruce Manning, Samuli Mansikka, Elselien te Hennepe, Richard Pattison & Tunc Findik. For caption information on these photos, please visit our Everest Training Climb photo gallery .
  • Train and prepare to climb Everest: Climbing to Camp 3 for Everest expedition training.
  • Quick, inexpensive & "easy" way to  reach 7300 m / 24,000 ft. See how you feel at altitude on Mt. Everest.
  • Learn about high altitude Everest expeditions, glacier travel and ice climbing.
  • Join friendly 10 time Everest leader Dan Mazur, who teaches you everything you need to know.
  • Full Service Cost: $8,650, £5,750, €8,150. Sixteen day option : $6,350, £4,250, €6,050. (Converted 1/12/15)
  • Date: 6 April to 6 May, 2017 and 20 April to 20 May, 2017 (16 day option: 15 April to 1 May, 2017 or 30 April to 15 May, 2017).
  • New Flexible Date Option: arrive anytime at your convenience during April or May.
  • Full Service Price Includes: Leader Dan Mazur , expert Sherpas, internal flights, hotels, teahouses, comfortable basecamp, yaks, porters, delicious food during trek & climb, expedition equipment, permits, icefall fees, ropes, trek & high tents (individual tent in basecamp for each member), radios, free internet, international phones, etc.
  • Join our expedition trying for the summit of Mount Everest on same route climbed by Hillary & Tenzing.
  • Average group size five. 35 members & 14 sherpas reached camp 2 & camp 3 during 7 training climbs.  
  • We are available to help you buy & rent - hire inexpensive climbing gear, equipment, clothing, & boots.
  • The Nepal (South Col) side of Everest is warmer & less windy than the Tibet (North Col) side.
  • Cross the massive Khumbu Glacier Icefall. Clip to well-fixed ropes on solid ladders over crevasses.
  • Trek to basecamp through tiny villages & 'teahouses'. Camp in sunny meadows beneath stunning peaks. 
  • Do well and transfer to Everest or Lhotse at no extra cost.
  • This climb qualifies you for Everest from Nepal, Everest from Tibet , Cho Oyu, Shishapangma, or Lhotse.
  • Looking for an easier climb? Please try our Everest Glacier School or Island Peak Expedition.  
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Recent news: Our spring Everest Nepal Camp 3 Training Climb has just returned from a successful climb on the mountain. Please click here to view news of our expedition. Please also view our "Archived News" for more stories of past trips.
  • Please Click Here to watch the exciting video by Rob Bradley.  
  • Please Click Here to watch the exciting video by Mario Hasanakos.  
Bruce Manning
Team members crossing a ladder over a deep crevasse in the ubiquitous Khumbu Icefall. We have fixed rope and ladders laid through the whole maze of shifting glacial seracs.
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