Upcoming Trips
Aconcagua Winter 2014-15 (Dec/Jan/Feb)
Winter Glacier School January 2015
Kilimanjaro, Mt. Kenya, & Safari, Sept, Feb, Aug
Everest Tibet Climb Apr. 2015
Everest Nepal Climb Apr. 2015
Everest Nepal Training Apr-May 2015
Everest Tibet Training Apr - May 2015
Cho Oyu Climb Apr. 2015
Lhotse Climb Apr. 2015
Island peak April-May
Everest Glacier School Apr-May 2015
Everest Basecamp Nepal Apr-May 2015
Tibet ABC trek April - May 2015
Service Trek Jun. 2015
Mustagata July 2015
Seattle Glacier School June 2015
Elbrus Climb July – Aug 2015
Cho Oyu Sept- Oct 2015
Shisha Pangma Sept- Oct 2015
Ama Dablam Climb Oct-Nov 2015
Baruntse Climb Oct-Nov 2015
Mera Peak Climb - Trek October
Island Trekking Peak Oct-Nov
Everest Glacier School Oct – Nov
Everest Basecamp Nepal Oct – Nov
Service Trek November 2015
Christmas Everest Basecamp Trek
Aconcagua Expedition
Africa News: Kilimanjaro, Mt. Kenya & Safari
Everest Tibet Expedition, Training Climb & ABC Trek
Everest Nepal - Lhotse Expedition & Training Climb
Cho Oyu Expedition
Lhotse Expedition Spring
Winter 2014 and Spring 2015 PreTrip Newsletter
Ama Dablam Expedition
Baruntse & Mera Peak Expedition
Everest Basecamp Trek Nepal & Island Peak
Island Peak Expedition
Everest Glacier School & Basecamp Trek
Everest Basecamp Trek Nepal
Cascade and Seattle Glacier School
Mustagata Expedition
Mt. Elbrus - 6 on the summit
Christmas - New Year's and Island Peak Trek
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For more than 20 years we have been exploring mountains with friends from around the world, giving back to the regions, and encouraging those who appreciate nature.

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Please ask as many questions as possible, so that we may understand one another's expectations. Informed team members achieve their goals with greater satisfaction, and are better and safer "team players". We love discussing our favourite subject, MOUNTAINS, so please ask us anything.

Climbing Expeditions autumn and spring:

CLIMB MOUNT EVEREST - Have you thought of climbing Everest? Join us in April and May in Nepal and Tibet for a summit climb from the south or north side. We have great prices and the most qualified American, British, and European Leaders including Dan Mazur and Arnold Coster. Our Sherpas and equipment are excellent. We have led 15 teams to the top. www.EverestTibetClimb.com & www.EverestNepalClimb.com .

LHOTSE: www.LhotseClimb.com - 60 days. April-June. Leader: Arnold Coster. Climb Everest route; branch off before high camp; ascend Lhotse Couloir. High summit, low cost.

EVEREST NEPAL TRAINING CLIMB: www.EverestTrainingClimb.com - 31 days (or 16 day climb only). April or May. Leader Arnold Coster teaches everything you need to know. Same route as Mt. Everest Nepal; stop in camp 3 at 7300 metre / 24,000 ft. Good altitude test. Check out Everest in a short time for much less money. Do well in April: transfer to Everest or Lhotse.

EVEREST TIBET TRAINING CLIMB - ‘EASY’ EVEREST NORTH COL EXPEDITION: 28 days. April or May. 'Easy' 7000 metre / 23,000 ft peak. Leader Dan Mazur. Same route as Everest Tibet. Do well in April: transfer to Everest or Cho Oyu.

CHO OYU: www.ChoOyuClimb.com - 38 days. April-May or Sept-Oct. Leader: Max Kausch. 'Easiest' "8,000 metre" / 26,000 ft peak. The best possible preparation for Everest.

SHISHAPANGMA: www.ShishapangmaClimb.com - 38 days. September-October climb to the summit of the lowest of the world's fourteen 8000 metre/26,000 foot peaks. Friendly and accomplished SummitClimb leader Max Kausch has led Cho Oyu and numerous 7000 and 8000 metre expeditions.

MUSTAGATA CLIMB: www.MustagataClimb.com - 25 days, July. 'Easy' 7500 m / 24,500 ft peak. Ski, snowboard, snowshoe, and raquette. Top leader Jon Otto has led 10 Mustagata expeditions, speaks, reads, and writes fluent Chinese and English. Qualify for Everest.

AMA DABLAM: www.AmaDablamClimb.com - 29 days Oct-Nov. 6800 metres / 22,300 ft. Asia's best snow, ice, rock, and climbable-technical. Max Kausch will be leading his third successful expedition. Qualify for Everest.

MOUNT BARUNTSE: www.BaruntseClimb.com - 34 days. Oct-Nov. Leader Dan Mazur. Nepal's 'easy' 7000 m / 23,000 ft peak. Includes www.TrekMera.com & famous Amphu-Labtsa pass.

Walking and Trekking Peaks autumn & spring:

EVEREST BASECAMP WALK NEPAL: www.EverestNepalWalk.com - 18 days in  April, May & October. Walk wide, snow-free trails to the world's most beautiful basecamp.

EVEREST GLACIER SCHOOL: www.EverestGlacierSchool.com - 22 days (or 7 day course only), April, May & October. Learn glacier climbing on 6000 metre / 20,000 ft peak. Leader Max Kausch and Mingma Sherpa. Visit Everest basecamp.

ISLAND ‘TREKKING-PEAK’ CLIMB: www.IslandPeakClimb.com  - 22 days in April, May & October. Nepal's famous ‘easy’ 'trekking peak'. Climb to 6000 metres in just one day.

ADVANCED BASECAMP WALK TIBET: www.EverestTibetWalk.com  - 20 days in April and May. Drive from Kathmandu into Tibet past towering mountains through deep gorges onto the high altitude Tibetan plateau, then walk the world-famous 'golden highway' on good trails to Everest advanced basecamp at 6400 metres, made famous by Mallory and Irvine in 1924.

MERA ‘TREKKING-PEAK’ CLIMB: www.MeraClimb.com - 22 days in October. Leader Dan Mazur. 6500 metre / 21,000 ft 'easy' trekking peak in gorgeous remote area of Nepal with pristine forests & rivers.

CASCADE GLACIER SCHOOL: www.CascadeGlacierSchool.com - 7 days in July. Free of cost. No charge. Leader: Dan Mazur. Learn glacier climbing. Attempt a 4500 metre / 14,500 ft peak.

KILIMANJARO TREK, MOUNT KENYA CLIMB, SAFARI: Join Dan Mazur for 7-Summit and exotic walks, climbs, safaris in February;

ACONCAGUA CLIMB: 7-Summit, highest in the Americas in January + February with expert leader. 20 days. Cheap Price.

Service & Volunteer Projects and Walks:

REMOTE NEPAL SERVICE WALK: www.RemoteNepalServiceWalk.org - 15 days: Nov-Dec or June. Walk low-altitude hills near Everest. Bring medicine and education. Visit friendly Sherpas.

EVEREST BASECAMP SERVICE TREK: www.EverestBasecampServiceTrek.org - Support trek with the Mount Everest Foundation for Sustainable Development (MEFSD) to the Pema Choling Buddhist women’s convent, also known as the Deboche Nunnery, where 12 impoverished nuns live in an ancient convent. 22 days in April and October.

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